Corbyn, Labour, and the December Election


Seen as volatile by political analysts, the electorate is in question regarding the upcoming election on December 12th. Reeling after the Brexit impasse, the Labour Party is split, with a number of them seeing that their only chance of remaining afloat is going to the polls.

Labour Opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn is seen as effective with hustings, thus someone not be easily disregarded.

“Corbyn’s policies from 2017 proved very popular, but he is up against more of a celebrity politician with Boris Johnson rather than the uncomfortable Theresa May, and there is a very different dynamic here."

“However, both leaders are wounded - so we will see which one comes out as the less wounded.” Mark Shanahan, the head of the department of politics and international relations at the University of Reading stated in an interview.

Opinions also find traction regarding how the public should be cautious against campaigns that zero-in on the U.K.'s complete withdrawal from Europe.

Steven Fielding, Political History Professor at the University of Nottingham says: “If things stood as they are now, it’s not going to look good for Labour."


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