Washington retracts duties from various Indonesian products


Washington retracts duties from various Indonesian products

The United States has removed tariffs from various Indonesian products under a privileged trade facility. This is a part of the ongoing trade negotiations between the two countries, Indonesian officials said.

In a report from the Indonesian trade ministry, the office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) removed tariffs for products such as laminated wood, thin plywood, dry onions, Rattan handicrafts, artificial sugar, honey, and caramel.

The products were previously imposed with tariffs due to its exports breaching the U.S.’ “competitive need limitations”, said Iman Pambagyo, head of the ministry’s department of international trade negotiations.

The ministry further said that the products are now part of more than 3,500 exports that get duty-free treatment under the General System of Preferences, a U.S. trade facility given to poor and developing countries.  

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