Risk Disclosure Policy

  • I have studied the Terms and Conditions, plus Risk Disclosure Policy Policies (which includes without any hindrances, Risk Disclosure Policy, Anti-Money Laundering policy, KYC Policy, Privacy Policy).
  • I understand every of the terms and that all policies in combination with these Terms and Conditions are an inextricable component of an irrevocable agreement between Risk Disclosure Policy and me (the Agreement”).
  • I am more than 18 years of age and the information included in this application is valid and correct, and I will inform Risk Disclosure Policy  in case of any alterations.
  • The effectiveness of the technology or service is affected by various factors, including your experience and trading style. Risk Disclosure Policy is not responsible for the level of your skills or your success in using the product.
  • I have provided complete, correct, and genuine information, including my identity and residential address.
  • Risk Disclosure Policy may without hindrance at any time, adjust any of the terms in this agreement through the posting of any such adjustment on our website.
  • I acknowledge that I received an opportunity for trading with a demo platform and/or study a tutorial and in effect, I have the knowledge of ways to trade and the associated RISKS. In addition, I have studied and understood the associated risks with the trade in Forex and/or Options (“trading”).
  • Through the filling of the Registration Form, I make a request and consent to open a personal account and acknowledge that I have studied and understood each term and policy including the terms and conditions and Risk Disclosure.
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