Bitcoin trading system: bots, software, features, how to choose

Bitcoin trading can be tiresome when you have to do everything on your own, including analytics, making deals, forming strategies, and reading news. All this can take away a lot of time if you do not use any side service or assistance.

A Bitcoin trading system can be useful for any trader. Crypto trading bots exist to assist traders in doing their job and even automating the process. If you set everything in the right way, you can leave the system on for a while, and it will earn money for you on its own.

Let us have a look at how to choose a crypto trading bot, a couple of useful programs and stuff like that.

How to choose a Bitcoin trading bot?

Before selecting a trading bot, it is essential to get acquainted with all the selection criteria. This will allow the user to make the best choice and be sure that the bot that is going to be used is functional and not fake.


The first thing that should always be considered is the reliability of the service. If you cannot trust a bot, there is no sense of using it. An enormous list of essential criteria should be checked. This includes:

  1. The company that is the creator of the bot.
  2. The creators’ reputation.
  3. Other stuff that the company does.
  4. The efficiency of trading strategies and bots.
  5. Client reviews.

If after checking every point, you are sure that this company is okay, you can start using its software for trading.


Working with shady companies is never the right choice. Sooner or later, you will understand that most of such companies are not to be trusted as they are usually created for money theft and do not help traders earn anything at all. If you are going to invest money in Bitcoin, you must be sure that it will not be gone without even an attempt to earn something.

Good companies often share the ways they run their business, willingly help their users, and it is not rare for them to share strategies. This allows traders, especially inexperienced ones, to learn faster without losing money.


Another important aspect is the profitability of the company. It is essential to be sure that your investment will be multiplied. There is no sense for a company to be trustworthy but not profitable at the same time.

Even though the Bitcoin market is highly volatile, it is better to make sure you work with someone who has achieved good results before and has enough experience in creating this type of software.

Overall experience

The overall experience includes additional features of the bots, supported platforms, used strategies, user personalization, and other stuff. All this should make the software easy and comfortable to use. And, of course, the bot must be profitable.

User-friendly usage

It is well known that not only professional traders use similar software and make regular deals. There are a lot of amateurs and newcomers that have no significant experience in the topic. This makes the usability of the service an essential aspect of making a choice. If professionals might easily use almost any service, beginners will have a hard time learning.

In any way, a simple design is always the right choice as it allows all kinds of users to feel comfortable when using the software. This is good for both the developer and trader at the same time.


Although Bitcoin is considered to be secure, you should make sure you use suitable software. Downloading a fake program or entering your data on a fishing website can have harmful consequences.

The trading bot must be made by a company that has a good reputation on the market. Also, make sure you download the official version form the developers’ website. This is one of the methods to keep your investments secure.

By reading reviews, users can find out all the exact information about the programs they want to use as real people will not hide any drawbacks they experience. If there is a leak in security and someone notices it, it is most likely that the user that finds it will inform others. But, of course, he might use it in his way too. An experienced developer will have minimum leaks.

Top-10 best Bitcoin trading bots

Now that we know what the criteria for choosing a cryptocurrency trading software are, we can get to the top-10 best Bitcoin trading bots available on the Internet. We shall have a look at the most popular, trusted, and effective services.

Before we start, it is essential to mention that most software supports day trading. What is day trading? This is when you buy and sell coins on the same day. For example, in the morning, you purchased $1. In two hours the price rises to $1.30, and you sell the coin. This way, you have a small yet guaranteed income. Day trading requires time and attention, so that is why using bots is more efficient.

1. 3commas

Most bots available on the internet do only things the user configures them to do. On such a volatile market as the crypto market mistakes are not affordable. This is where you can use a smart bot that is capable of adapting to the situations on the market. 3Commas is the software with this possibility.

This bot has two unique functions: trailing loss and trailing profit. Other programs use stop-loss and take-profit criteria that work right the way the user sets them to. This means that if the price goes even higher than the take-profit is set, and the bot will sell the coin at the set price, meaning that the trader will lose potential profit from the higher growth. Trailing profit is a function that allows fixing this kind of situation. The bot analyzes the market automatically and calculates the best time to sell coins. Such software reacts to the smallest changes and gives a maximum return for the investment made.

At the same time, 3Commas has stop-loss and take-profit features too, automatic trading, and other features. Access can be gained from any device that can connect to the internet, meaning that the user can tune the program on the website by logging into his account.

The software works with 13 Bitcoin exchanges and requires a monthly payment. Different offers give various features. It all depends on the price.

2. Zignaly

Zignaly is a free bot that is still in the development stage. Although it is not yet out of beta, a lot of people mentioned the program as the right choice. Meanwhile, Zignaly is available for free, but it is expected that the full version is going to cost something.

One of the most useful features is the possibility to integrate the software with TradingView. Users have not found any issues while integrating the software, meaning that even though the system is in a beta stage, it is functional. Zignaly supports not a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges, but the developers say that they plan to add more and more platforms to work with.

Some of the unique features that the trading system has are no limits on the pairs that can be operated on and the possibility to edit the positions available. This makes trading more comfortable, as all the options are in the software without any need to buy upgraded versions.

3. is a trading bot that allows users to forget about the worries about predicting the best time for investment. The automated service is capable of investing and gaining profit without the trader’s presence. is being developed since 2018 and offers a lot of simple, yet professional tools for trading.

It is possible to create personal automated trading strategies. Traders can add conditions, indicators, set specific features, etc. The most popular include:

  • Logical operators;
  • Trading indicators;
  • Value triggers;
  • Automated analysis.

Updates are released regularly and often bring something new. For example, the developers plan to add tools that analyze risks and predict trends. Artificial Intelligence is intended to be used as well.

Created strategies can be tested on the market from the very beginning of cryptocurrency trading without losses. This will allow the user to set their goals in the right way and see what could have happened before. If creating a personal strategy is too tiresome, you can use other trader’s plans from the service marketplace.

So, here are the advantages of It is easy to tune, you can use other people’s strategies, you can issue your plans and earn passive revenue from them, the fees are low, and there is an affiliate program.

4. Cryptohopper

Cryptohopper is a new service with an automated trading system. Although it is unique, it has already gained the trust of thousands of traders online. This bot is excellent, at least for a reason it works even when the computer is off. The idea is that Cryptohopper is cloud-based and does not require to be launched on your PC to work.

This is considered to be the only bot that embeds external trading signals. This is great for newcomers who still are not sure about themselves. Experienced cryptocurrency traders can set everything manually.

Some of the offered features are:

  • Trailing loss and profit;
  • Stop-loss criteria;
  • auto cloud trading;
  • backtest.

A free trial for one month is given for everyone willing to try out Cryptohopper. Three paid subscription plans provide access to all the potential of this trading system.

5. Gunbot

Cryptocurrency trading requires a lot of research, skill, and luck. If you do not have a strategy, it is most likely that you will fail. Gunbot has a lot of inbuilt strategies, including the most popular Bollinger Band, Ping Pong, Step Gain, and others. Traders prefer using the first technique as it is considered to be the most profitable.

Gunbot works on different cryptocurrency exchanges. New platforms are being continuously added. When using this software, it is recommended to look after the market on your own too. If anything goes wrong, the best idea might be turning off the bot and waiting for a better moment.

Three paid plans are available. Payments are accepted in Bitcoin so that it might differ from time to time.

6. Gekko

The next cryptocurrency trading system is Gekko. This program deserves to be at the top of the list thanks to its popularity, features, and price. The price – it’s nothing. The bot is completely free. The only problem might be with getting in. At the moment, Gekko can only be downloaded from GitHub.

So, as you already know that Gekko is available on GitHub, you might wonder who the developers are. The program is open-source, meaning that any person from around the world can make his changes, add features, and upload them for everybody else to use.

Most Bitcoin and Ethereum exchanges can be used with this bot. The design is comfortable and user-friendly. Using the software is going to be smooth and easy. Important trading tools are featured. It is hard to name all of them as new ones are being added all the time. So if you are looking for something free and simple, but efficient at the same time, this service is for you.

7. Zenbot

Zenbot is another free software that has a lot of advantages. It is something similar to Gekko as this program is also open-source. Mostly, Zenbot was created by AI. Even though it is almost the same as Gekko, there are a couple of features that are not available there, but exist here:

  1. A possibility to exploit arbitrage opportunities.
  2. A possibility to execute high-frequency trades.

This might seem to be something not that important at first glance, but it does make trading more comfortable and more profitable. Zenbot is also able to make a lot of crypto trades at the same time, allowing to operate multiple deals in a short period and earn a higher sum than other bots can.

Developers that work over Zenbot say that they have a lot of plans for the future. The program already supports a lot of Bitcoin exchanges, but more are planned to be added.

8. Crypto Trader

Crypto Trader is also very popular among modern cryptocurrency traders. The software is cloud-based and does not require anything to be installed on the user’s computer. It is possible to modify the system based on your needs to achieve the best results. Newcomers can create their settings even without having significant experience; all they need is to get acquainted with some material on the topic.

The critical point is that Crypto Trader has a strategy market feature. This means that the trading system allows exchanging strategies and plans with other people. There even is a backtesting feature that allows users to check their policy on the market based on the previous changes without losses.

Not a lot of exchanges are supported buy Crypto Trader, but it is expected that more platforms will be added in the future.

9. BTC Robot

BTC Robot is considered to be one of the first available software in the bot industry. Users can buy different subscription plans. Keep in mind that the versions for Windows and macOS cost significantly more than others.

This program is elementary to use. BTC Robot includes almost all necessary trading tools and has proved to be efficient. There is a trial period with 60-day refund policy for users that are not sure whether they need the bot or not.

10. CoinBot

CoinBot is another program that is built based on open-source code. The bot is used to perform automatic trades every day with the use of different algorithms. All information can be received on GitHub.

This software has a large number of tools that make the program a favored choice among professionals. CoinBot includes almost all the necessary features. For an additional payment, it is possible to get a Telegram Assistant, a Social Analyzer, and an Arbitration Bot. For example, the Arbitration Bot informs the trader when there is a loss of 10% trade value.

CoinBot is cloud-based and does not require software installation. This trading system also uses a referral program that allows the inviter to earn no more than 50% of the service fees issued from their referrals.

CoinBot is an excellent choice for both beginners and professionals. This software gives a lot of tools and possibilities for a reasonable price.

Is it safe to use a crypto trading bot?

As we know, not all Bitcoin trading systems can be trusted. There is a ton of software that is created, mainly to steal traders’ money and personal information. It is not seldom when fake programs with the same design as popular originals are uploaded on the Internet.

If you want to make sure the software can be trusted, follow this list:

  • Always download from official websites;
  • Do not forget to check users reviews on the Internet;
  • Make sure you use the original system;
  • Make sure the developer has a good reputation on the market.

This is what you have to think about if you are worried about your money and personal information.

Another question, however, is the profitability of cryptocurrency trading bots. It does not matter whether you work with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ripple. Different software has various features. If you want to be successful, you should have a good strategy. Without that, achieving your goal will be impossible.

You also should not leave the system working for a long time on its own. Most bots are not able to adapt to the market changes on their own. This is why it is recommended to have a look at your balance and the market from time to time. Once every 2 hours should do if you work with small sums.

Some bots are capable of adapting themselves to the changes in the crypto market. Although they are considered to be profitable, it is not a good idea to leave them without your own supervising.

What cryptocurrencies can trading systems work with?

Trading software is developed for different needs. Someone requires it for Bitcoin, someone for Ethereum. For all the most popular currencies, there are specific bots that include useful features and strategies.

There also is software that is considered to be universal. However, it does not always work the way it has to. It is impossible to calculate all the possibilities and view all the correlations for every separate coin. That is why such software is most likely to make a mistake a human would not have done.

If any trading system does not support the currency, you are interested in, and then you can propose a developer to add tools for it or do that yourself with the open-source programs if you know how to do that. Sometimes such a time investment is not worth it.

What platforms can trading bots work on?

All software is designed for some specific platform. A lot of bots support multiple platforms, but not all of them. The biggest problem is that everyone tries to create something for the most popular service and forgets about the less common brokers.

Before downloading a bot, make sure you check what trading platform is supported by it. This is usually written in the description or on the developers’ website from where you have to download the program. Remember not to use unofficial websites as these might post fake versions of the original software.

Should I use a bot with Dowmarkets?

Although bots sound good, in reality, they are just an assistance tool for traders. They do not guarantee a profit, and most can’t adapt automatically to the market changes. The cryptocurrency market is volatile, so it requires attention and research. You can use a bot, but by working manually, you will have a higher chance of saving your funds from losses and grabbing profit.

If you do not know what to start with, and that is why you were thinking about using an automated Bitcoin trading system, then we recommend you contact your analyst. When you achieve an individual account level, you can have a personal strategy developed just for you and your needs. Trading plans are included as well.

Also, if you feel like you are stuck in one place, have a look at Dowmarkets free educational materials for traders. They include a lot of valuable information about cryptocurrencies, predictions, instructions, explanations, and others.


Now it is time, to sum up. Before using a Bitcoin trading system, the user has to know how to choose one. We have reviewed these criteria:

  • Reliability;
  • Transparency;
  • Profitability;
  • Overall experience;
  • User-friendly usage;
  • Security.

When you see that all every point is excellent, you can be sure that the software you use can be trusted and will be comfortable for you.

We have made a short review of 10 best cryptocurrency trading bots as well. These are:

  1. 3Commas.
  2. Zignaly.
  4. Cryptohopper.
  5. Gunbot.
  6. Gekko.
  7. Zenbot.
  8. Crypto Trader.
  9. BTC Robot.
  10. CoinBot.

Every program has its advantages and disadvantages. Check out all the features to see which bot suits you the best!

Do not forget to create your Dowmarkets account to try out all the standard trading features. Even if you are not a professional and that is the reason you are interested in automated trading, you might change your mind after making a few deals on Dowmarkets by using some of the essential tools such as signals and others.

Posted: 2.07.2020 | Ludmiła Gorodnichenko
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