Bitcoin trading is the best investment in the future

Cryptocurrency is called virtual money bitcoin exchange in the Internet space; thus, cryptocurrencies exist solely in the form of data, without a physical form: you cannot touch bitcoin or ether or put it in a safe. Possession of bitcoin means the existence of some collective agreement confirming that a given amount of bitcoin trading was created by a legitimate miner and is currently yours.

Trading bitcoin without basic knowledge in the cryptocurrency market is difficult. It turns out guessing from the category of “finger to the sky.” This external bitcoin exchange is a solid monolith. However, an attentive observer will see many interconnected tools: charts, deals, orders, quotes. If you do not know how to read financial reports with the same ease as exciting news on social networks, then the crypto exchange will absorb all efforts. Trading floors make life easier for brokers. Information in the form of tables and graphs provides visual information. All that remains for the broker is to analyze it.

Cryptocurrency Trading Principles

Exchange operations with bitcoins and speculation on cryptocurrency exchanges are similar to any other. To get maximum profit, you need to acquire cheaper and sell more. In the same way as with investments in regular currencies. Of course, the base of tools and principles for determining Bitcoin trading goals are identified in the same way as in the securities or forex markets. Those who know the basics of selling bitcoins on stock markets, securities national currencies will be able to profit from the sale of virtual money without problems.

The following list can represent the main components that a participant in bitcoin trading can manage on cryptocurrency exchanges:

  • diagram;
  • sell, buy sales and purchase orders;
  • transaction history;
  • trading volumes on the exchange.

What does a smart crypto broker do to increase profits?

The benefit of a broker is the difference in the price of a cryptocurrency. On a day, the value of a portfolio owned by a person increases or decreases by an average of 10 percent. You can play in regular courses or pairs of digital coins. Most of the options offered by a particular site increase the chances of playing a plus. That is why it is important to pay attention to the types of transactions that the exchange offers.

The seller generates an order with the amount of cryptocurrency and the price of the package. As soon as the buyer is located, the transaction is automatically completed. The broker must understand the “mood” of the market and get rid of the cheaper currency in time and buy one that will increase in value.

How does bitcoin work?

Bitcoin mining. Miner’s mine bitcoins using specialized equipment for mining. Bitcoins are awarded as a reward for each generated block.

Bitcoin trading exchange ordinary currencies for bitcoins, which allows you to purchase cryptocurrency without mining, as well as get the opportunity to enter the market and cash out bitcoin.

Users in the form of individuals and legal entities create wallets on payment sites. Legal entities can use QR codes for secure payment in the real world.

Users start trading bitcoin wallets, which act as a place to store cryptocurrency. Bitcoins can be transferred between wallets.

Choosing the Right Cryptocurrency Exchange Market

People who know a little about cryptocurrencies understand that thanks to them you can become more precious. All that is needed is a successful selection of Bitcoin trading instruments. It is necessary to find the optimal cryptocurrency bitcoin exchange. In many respects, everything depends on the exchange that you choose to trade.

Do not buy coins during the second wave of price increases (when the rate rises to 20% or more). Probably, shortly, the currency will drop in price sharply. When the rates of bitcoin cash on Forex are reduced by 15% or lower, you do not need to trade your coins. It is highly likely that coin prices will rise soon; you should be prepared to sell assets. Even if you purchase them at higher rates, this will allow you to buy additional coins when their value decreases.

The main components of any cryptocurrency trading exchange look like this

  • schedules;
  • orders for buying and selling;
  • transaction history;
  • trading volume.

How to choose the right exchange for cryptocurrency trading

People who are familiar with cryptocurrencies firsthand understand that with their help you can increase your funds. All that is needed for this is to select a Bitcoin trading instrument successfully. Put, find the right cryptocurrency exchange. Everything depends on what exchange you will trade bitcoin on.

Trading platform Dowmarkets

Dowmarkets is an innovative cryptocurrency broker. The company provides all traders and investors with a reliable work platform that meets all quality parameters.

Dowmarkets cryptocurrency broker was created under the leadership of the international financial holding Market Solutions Ltd. For more than ten years, the company has been developing convenient and technological services for working in global financial markets.

Advantages of cryptocurrency trading with Dowmarkets

Complete safety. Separate, secure licenses protect each customer’s accounts.

Large selection of cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin trading platform of the company offers a large number of cryptocurrencies for use.

No hidden fees. The levy of all taxes, including banking fees, has been canceled.

24-hour trading. Dowmarkets is one of the few brokers where the client has the opportunity to trade around the clock, while support is provided in several languages.

High leverage. You can trade more capital and enter into the most significant transactions possible.

Risk limitation. You can independently determine the risk and profit in each transaction using orders, as well as limit orders.

The ability to trade in tandem with fiat currencies. Many brokers allow selling cryptocurrencies only in combination with other cryptocurrencies. When Bitcoin trading with Dowmarkets, customers can exchange them for US dollars, euros, yen, and other optional currencies.

Do not hesitate, start trading now

Dowmarkets is your chance to start Bitcoin trading in just a few minutes with a minimum starting capital and regardless of experience.

Bitcoin trading confidently holds and holds relatively stable position in the international currency market. Other cryptocurrencies also seek to find their niches in the Forex system. Several features and circumstances specific to the BTC/USD market favor the use of this currency pair for speculative earnings and other investment purposes. Around the clock trading format, the use of technical analysis, the possibility of news trading – all this creates suitable conditions for working with cryptocurrency on Forex. The upward direction of the global trend for BTC/USD provides the necessary benchmarks for long-term trading.

How to Bitcoin trading: available options

You can earn on Bitcoin trading in various ways. However, all these options, one way or another, imply the need for starting investments. Internet users, of course, have the opportunity to generate cryptocurrency through cloud mining. To do this, register on the appropriate site. The conditions of such mining provide for the free operation of facilities for crypto mining, which allows not to invest in the necessary equipment. However, the actual income from such a crypto business will be insignificant. If we are talking about how to Bitcoin trading Forex, you can specify the following options available to any private speculator: You can open a particular Bitcoin account (BTC) through the Forex broker, allowing the trader to freely make transactions with popular currency pairs (for example, EUR/USD). When the BTC/USD rate on Forex rises, the investor can earn not only on speculation but also on the sale of bitcoin price.

Automated Forex Strategies

To work with digital money, you can also use some automated strategies. That is, your main task will be to create Bitcoin trading robots that can make optimal transactions.

Moreover, some resources provide such tools for free (for example, R Trader). You will also not neDo not hesitate, start trading nowed to write complex codes: it will be possible to create a bot from scratch using workpieces in the program.

Another plus of such platforms is small lots for trading (from 0.01). Moreover, commissions on margin trading and ordinary orders remain the same.

Bitcoin trading on Forex online will be even more profitable if you follow three simple rules. They are suitable for any chosen strategy:

  • Do not buy coins on the second wave of price increases (especially if the rate has risen 20% or more). Most likely shortly the value of the currency will drop sharply;
  • If the rate of Bitcoin trading on Forex online fell by 15% or lower, you should not sell your coins. There is a high probability that the value of the currency will increase soon;
  • You always need to be prepared to sell assets. Even if you bought them at a higher price. This will allow you to purchase additional coins in the future when their value drops.

Features of trading a currency pair BTC / USD

Investors intending to sell or buy Bitcoin trading on Forex should take into account several features that are characteristic for trading with the BTC/USD currency pair: The priority direction of the dynamics of the target market is upward. In other words, for BTC/USD, the long-term growth trend prevails.

Continuous trading mode. Bitcoin transactions can be made around the clock throughout the days of the week. There are no breaks or weekends for this market.

It is allowed to use any indicators of technical analysis for price charts of this currency pair.

The high sensitivity of BTC/USD to relevant news. We are talking about informational messages or events that are directly related to Bitcoin trading. For example, a message that a large investment fund has acquired bitcoin cash for a large amount of money may lead to an increase in the rate of BTC/USD. If information appears on the prohibition of cryptocurrency by the authorities of a particular country, this will trigger a drop in BTC/USD quotes. Characteristically, the news has been affecting Bitcoin trading for a longer time than on regular Forex currency pairs.

There are no Bitcoin trading sessions on the BTC/USD market. This couple is characterized by round-the-clock activity.

With insufficient market liquidity, price gaps (so-called gaps) may occur during the publication of important news. A large spread for this currency pair causes increased risks for Bitcoin trading carried out at ultrashort intervals. Thus, scalping on timeframes M1 and M5 is strongly discouraged. The best timeframes for working with BTC/USD are considered to be hour (H1) or daily (D1) intervals.

Our recommendations

Having learned all about cryptocurrency exchanges, it remains to choose where it is profitable to conduct Bitcoin trading manipulations. To do this, you need to pay attention to all the important and not real nuances. Any little thing, an extra trading tool can affect how convenient it is to use the exchange, and whether the trade bitcoin will bring profit.

A few tips

  • It is better to trade bitcoin on one but several exchanges. Also, we do not forget that there is arbitration. It can also bring good profit to people who start trading digital money.
  • When choosing resources, look not only at the characteristics of the exchange but also what people write about it. There are a lot of dissatisfied users on any service, but a reliable crypto-exchange causes positive emotions for most customers.
  • Do not buy a cryptocurrency at once for all the money. Concentrate most of the coins on the most reliable exchange. This will allow you not to fly out of the cradle of traders if nothing happens the first time.
  • Do not chase a lot of currency pairs. Exchanges that offer many currencies are usually not the best. Controlling this scope is very difficult. For example, you can recall the experience with the Yobit exchange. She remained an outsider because the developers could not ensure the quality work of all the tools.
  • See if there are all the main components of a good exchange. What orders are available, are there high Bitcoin trading volumes at the site, are there convenient graphs of the current rate, and is the history of transactions understandable.
Posted: 2.07.2020 | Ludmiła Gorodnichenko
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