Daily cryptocurrency trading tips that are simple and useful

Today, cryptocurrencies have become one of the most promising financial assets, which are digital coins, with which you can carry out various transactions. First, traders must buy a certain amount of digital currencies. This, one can say, is the beginning of a trader’s career, as well as replenishment and expansion of his portfolio. Most cryptocurrencies “live” in a special digital registry, which is built on blockchain technology, and which records all transactions.

Important recommendations

Here are some daily cryptocurrency trading tips that can help you get a lot closer to professional cryptocurrency trading. They will be especially useful for novice traders. However, experienced people will also read some new information in this guide book.

Define your goals

Why do you want to do cryptocurrency trading? There are many versions of the answer:

  • you want day trading for short-term or long-term gain;
  • you are looking for the next best blockchain technology;
  • you need a “next bitcoin” that can skyrocket.

All these answers are widespread.

The notion of an ideal goal

The goals of trading crypto must be defined, and they must be concrete milestones, so you know exactly what you’ve come to. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or not, this approach helps you more accurately identify goals and focus on them.

Carry out the required amount of research

Information about everything about cryptocurrencies can be found on the Internet, and therefore it is important to use various online tools that allow you to learn more about blockchain technology and specific digital currencies before you start investing in them.

The basis for actions and decisions

Your actions and decisions should be based on thorough research and appropriate planning. In which cryptocurrency / ICO should I invest, or which exit strategy should I choose? There is no doubt that your decisions about an action should rely on the results of proper:

  • research;
  • planning;
  • technical analysis.

The last factor is the most important one.

Cryptocurrency status

The general status of the cryptocurrency in this space or among the fintech community is essential. To get the necessary information about the price of bitcoin, take data only from legitimate cryptocurrency websites that don’t violate privacy policy, reliable news sources, google, or reputable experts in the crypto industry.

The broker’s image

The reputation of a cryptocurrency company on the market. Although such reviews may be entirely subjective, you’re obliged to know:

  • how the company itself copes with its shortcoming of trading;
  • how it solves the problems;
  • is it able to stop loss;

whether they share your point of view / your values.

Pay great attention to these factors every day.

The teams’ image

Before buying a specific cryptocurrency, make sure that members of its team can realize what they promise. Check out their experience in crypto trading and their profiles, especially concerning blockchain technology.

Follow the trends

You should include at least five types of coins in which you want to invest in your research. Make sure that you have studied the latest and historical trends of virtual money you are interested in, to be able to predict the right time for their purchase/sale.

The volume of investment

You must determine exactly what finances you will operate on in cryptocurrency trading. In a short time (daily) trade strategy, an appropriate fixed budget will hold back the “unnecessary” scope and help reduce your risks.

A perfect start

It is necessary to plan where you can get money for your trading – perhaps it is a loan, savings, or third-party investors who will provide start-up capital. Make an adequate income plan for the coming days, weeks, and months. Such goals, which are expressed in bitcoins or ethereum, will help determine when you can return the borrowed funds, or how much you need to win from the exchange to achieve your “monetary” goals.

Investment rules

Start trading with small investments that are provided by your fixed budget. Invest only what you can afford to lose. It is important to avoid making financial decisions such as to sell real estate or using all your trading volumes to buy bitcoins.


The continuous development of technological innovation has led us to such advanced technologies as blockchain and trading cryptocurrency. Although cryptocurrencies are considered volatile, they can be an excellent source of profit if traders are willing to improve their trading skills and competently approach this business.

Posted: 2.07.2020 | Ludmiła Gorodnichenko
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