Ethereum trading view: specific features of a new cryptocurrency

The appearance of the first digital currency, Bitcoin, was a real breakthrough in the financial transaction industry. Alternative options began to appear following this coin. New cryptographic systems have additional benefits, for example, a 30-day free trial. For the most part, altcoins are still seriously inferior to BTC coins, with the exception to this rule being the Ethereum cryptocurrency (Ethereum). It became popular in 2017.

Basic peculiarities of ethereum

This system of ethereum trading view is significantly different from other digital assets. Firstly, the developers have fully implemented the concept of decentralized management since the system is not subject to commercial organizations or state regulators. Network performance is supported exclusively by users. However, in comparison with Bitcoin, the Ethereum system is a more advanced technology. It is reflected in the feature request.

The definition of ethereum

What is Ethereum? It is a fork of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Many website brokers work with it. However, this is not a means of payment, but a decentralized platform for working with smart-contracts and all kinds of applications. This system is based on Blockchain technology and special house rules.

The history of creation

The creator of Ethereum is Canadian programmer Vitaly Buterin, an expert in:

  • economics;
  • computing;
  • trading;
  • trend analysis.

He became interested in digital currencies in 2011, and it was then that Vitaly launched the thematic magazine Bitcoin Magazine containing ideas published followers.

The growth of the population

After about two years, Buterin began working on the launch of digital currency with Gavin Wood. For the implementation of the project, developers raised funds through crowdfunding sites. The Ethereum platform has interested investors. A total of $18 million was built on the transactions eth USD. However, there were some periods of advance decline.

The ethereum platform

Without a doubt, the Bitcoin system is a unique payment tool that has tremendous potential. In parallel with the ethereum trading view, there were other assets that few had heard of. The Ethereum platform managed to stand out, mainly due to work with smart contracts, because:

  • absolutely all transactions are carried out using specialized software and considering world indices;
  • this software with the possibility of pro 30-day free guarantees maximum security of the transfer;
  • the likelihood of a duplicate transaction is excluded;
  • the system operates based on volume index and algorithms that guarantee objectivity.

Partially smart-contracts are also used in the broker solution of the Bitcoin system.

Smart contracts

Smart contracts do not have access to transactions or Blockchain. As a result, intelligent contracts control the most primitive actions made according to the data from the charting library. The Ethereum system is based on an algorithm that has some similarities with the javascript programming language.

Main advantages

The platform with a crypto screener takes into account all the nuances. Funds are transferred automatically. The system interacts closely with the database of different indices, including Williams indicators. After the transaction, all information is recorded in the Blockchain, but at the same time, it is not available to the sender. This ensures confidentiality. You can use different trading strategies, including the plan of moving average.

Tips for the trader

The basics of terminology to become an expert in the crypto industry and to consistently make money on digital currencies using the forex screener, and you should thoroughly study the conceptual apparatus. Knowing the economic calendar and terminology will significantly simplify your work. Also, you should become an expert in abbreviations, such as eth, BTC, or USD dis.

The trader’s vocabulary

To start trading, you should learn web broker solutions and some essential definitions. Blockchain is a database in which detailed information about transactions is recorded. Smart contracts are protocols that control the compliance of participants with the system of controlled conditions.


Ethereum is a promising cryptocurrency due to the usage of smart contracts. They ensure the absence of manipulation, errors. These protocols within the framework of a decentralized platform with a stock screener can be used in various areas: finance, trade, insurance, affiliate programs, etc. Ethereum developers are trying to improve these protocols.

Posted: 2.07.2020 | Alex Feldman
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