What is Ethereum trading at right now: prices

Not a long time ago, as BitPay has added ETH as a currency for global payments, Ethereum prices grew significantly. This cryptocurrency is very popular and is almost as recognizable online as Bitcoin. We shall discuss what is Ethereum trading at right now.

Autumn 2019 Ethereum price

The price for 1 Ethereum (Eth) in Autumn 2019 is $190 on average. The lowest price seen has been $152.11, and the highest price was $224.71. The market cap was at $20.59 billion.

As we can see, the were big falls and climbed in the value of this cryptocurrency, which allowed active traders to earn a decent sum in a short time. Usually, the movements for this coin are a few dollars a day what gives traders the possibility to make something on day trading.

Ethereum price prediction for the end of 2019

There are a lot of experts who actively research the cryptocurrency field. Some of them have published their opinions regarding the possible price for Ether.

  • Joseph Raczynski

Joseph Raczynski is a founder of Technologist.com and has 153k followers on Twitter. He says that Ethereum might grow till $1200 by the end of 2019. He also mentioned that ETH had got the most significant developer community.

  • Ian McLeod

Ian McLeod is a technology expert at Thomas Crown Art. Ian thinks that Ether might cost more than $500 by the end of 2019. He also mentioned that Bitcoin could lose half of its share on the cryptocurrency market to Ethereum in nearly five years.

  • Nigel Green

Nigel Green is the CEO of the deVere group. He predicted that the value of Ether could reach more than $2500. As we can see, the price is still far from this number.

Ethereum price prediction for the end of 2020

The year 2020 is considered to be the most critical year for all cryptocurrencies. Most experts agree at the minimum price of $1900 and a maximum of $2500. The reason for this will be the broader use of Ethereum in payment systems and the adoption of dApps this year.

Ethereum price prediction for the end of 2025

According to several algorithmic analysis, 1 Ethereum might cost almost $4000 by 2025. This is one of the reasons a lot of experts say that now is the best time for investing money in Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

Popular questions

There are a lot of questions that almost every user asks. We shall try to answer some of the most popular of them.

Will ETH prices go up?

Yes, the price for Ethereum will grow. There are no reasons to expect a fall at the moment.

Is ETH better than BTC?

It is tough to tell. We can be sure in one thing: Ethereum is correlated with Bitcoin, so if the prices go up for BTC, they are expected to do so in ETH as well.

What could be the highest price for Ethereum?

Some experts have predicted that by 2030, the price per one coin could reach $5000. It is tough to make predictions for such significant periods as a lot of things can happen. Who knows, maybe there will appear a new cryptocurrency with some exciting prospects.

Does Ethereum have a future?

As long as any currency such as Bitcoin has a future, Ethereum does as well. Meanwhile, we can see a growing interest in various payment systems and other institutions. This means that Ether is attractive to people, and there are investors.


So, let us conclude. The average price for Ethereum in Autumn 2019 is $190 US dollars. The cryptocurrency is expected to grow in value and become more prevalent in 2020. A lot of experts have different opinions regarding Ether, but most of them say that the prices will go up for sure.

Posted: 2.07.2020 | Ludmiła Gorodnichenko
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