Forex trading tutorial: practical guidance for novice traders

To start from the sixteenth century, the first mention of stock trading appeared in Europe. And since the XVII century, exchanges dealing with gold and other resources have been operating in high trading places in many European countries. At that time it was a site where business people and traders came, negotiated there and entered into quick wholesale trade deals, creating new accounts.

Guidance to the process of trading

We all know that the financial exchange is an intermediary in the technical process of concluding a transaction. And the essence of exchange trading lies in the benefits of such operations, orders, and services. At the same time, traders use various exchange markets, but the foreign exchange market, or, as it is often called, Forex, is especially popular, according to faq on thematic forums. Forex is working with usd and other currencies and helps to receive profit without violating privacy policy and leaving home. Forex is opened and available for everybody; most of its tools are free. Forex trading tutorial will help to master the trading skills quickly.

Forex trading tutorial: why it is necessary. The top three books

A person who does not know much about the conditions of exchange trading will not immediately be able to understand how trading works and accept its basic principles. This science and management need to learn. And for this, there are exclusive trading tutorials, the authors of which have tried in an accessible and secure form to express their thoughts and reviews on the policy of the Forex trading and another exchange trading. It is enough to surf Google to find the basic Forex trading tutorial.

“Forex for the starters” by A. Kulikov

The author, having gained many years of experience in trading forex, managed to show the reader the basics of fundamental market analytics and analysis, to discover for him the most widely spread features of modern approaches to this issue, the practice of constructing various trading strategies, specific types of mobile apps and platforms for trading. And yet, not least important, he was able to characterize the psychological behavior of all professional participants in the foreign exchange market. This forex trading tutorial is an excellent guide to the terms and concepts of trading.

Benefits of the tutorial

For beginners in the area of trade, this tutorial will also be useful because:

  • the author in it systematized and gathered together all the knowledge that he received over the long calendar years of practice in the Forex market;
  • all this knowledge is gathered together in the appendixes of the tutorial;
  • they show novice traders that achieving success in stock trading without risks is real and provide the program leading to success.

The forex trading tutorial “Forex for the starters” is the most powerful, but at the same time natural and straightforward source of knowledge for everyone who wants to buy or sell some currency with a profit, become a trader and to set a successful trading campaign without any losses.

 “Magicians of exchange” by Jack D. Schwager

Jack D. Schwager is an American stock trading expert, a successful financier who studies hedge funds. He is also the author of numerous seminars, the lectures of which analyze the experience and news of world trading leaders, the problem of price formation in the market of currency. Thanks to his assessment of investment processes, exchange rates, technical analysis and the practice of using advanced trading systems and calculators, he created a support tutorial that will help each reader to look at personal trading in privacy from a different angle.

Basic peculiarities of the tutorial

In this forex trading tutorial, the author has collected interviews with various successful and famous traders and investors from different parts of the world. They tell stories about their success and also share secret secrets of how to achieve it. A tutorial is written in simple languages, like in people’s blogs.

The author’s original approach to the topic

In the interviews described in this forex trading tutorial, the central idea often passes through that the secret of any success is, most likely, not in the approach itself, but a personal relationship. That is, a specific method should not be combined with a particular way of thinking, since most successful people acted intuitively, without thinking for many hours, at their discretion, while others made full use of the contact with automated systems and indicators.

“The trader’s memories” by Edwin Lefevre

Edwin Lefevre was a well-known journalist and writer, as well as a man who knew how to understand the stock market well and deeply. In his studies, he interviewed such specialists, as:

  • economists;
  • investors;
  • traders;
  • financiers.

He also independently understood the laws and services of Wall Street, although he did not have an economic education.

Tutorial with biographic elements

The tutorial tells about the great trader who lived in the twentieth century, Jesse Livermont. He is the most famous money exchange speculator in the entire history of humanity. He occupied a high position in the financial world.

The author also pays attention to the fact that knowledge of the experience of other markets and an analysis of the psychology of investors have managed to enrich several generations of investors.


TOP-3 of the best tutorials on Forex and exchange trading will change the attitude of this profession to many, both beginners and already several experienced traders. They can be read more than once while finding more and more new principles and tools for work. Also, you may use thematic video as a guidance.

Posted: 3.07.2020 | Alex Feldman
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