Introduction to the Xcritical Trading Platform

Created by Xcritical, the trading software is meant for Day Trading. Whether you are a long-time investor or a newbie looking into becoming more efficient, you need to check out the Xcritical Trading Platform. This short feature aims at convincing you to open an account so that you may start earning the profit that you deserve. So go ahead and read-up!

Introduction to the Xcritical Trading Platform

In trading, beating the market is the name of the game.

Here at Dowmarkets, you can use several trading platforms. Among these, Xcritical’s might be the one you need.

Created by Xcritical, it is a web-based trading platform that allows its user’s to trade from just about anywhere.

The Xcritical Trading Platform prides itself with over 170 features. Let us give you a rundown of why you should open an account today.

Xcritical Key Features

As already mentioned, the Xcritical Trading Platform has a plethora of features that a user can explore and make use of to make the most profitable of transactions. Discussed below are the following.

Timely Risk Management

Determine your profits and limit your losses. The online platform provides a convenient work setup with market orders.

Its chart functions and order management tools allow you to set a Stop Loss or a Take Profit.

Full Control of All Transactions

Unlike other trading platforms, Xcritical makes it possible for you to work on both Open and Closed deals, limit orders, and view all deals.

It keeps all trading operations running smoothly, accounts the results of completed deals, analyses work history, and helps you build a winning trading strategy.

Offers the Best Trading Solutions

Through the Autochartist Technical Advisor, you can explore and discover more profit-making opportunities.

Through this, you can make use of the most effective technical analysis.

Always Up-to-Date

Be updated with political and economic events to advance your trading position; take advantage of experts’ opinions and forecasts to leverage your profit.

Mobile Compatibility

Through the Xcritical app, a trader can experience:

  • Opening of deals and market analysis
  • Quotation monitoring
  • Replenishing of balances from any page
  • Trade opportunities in 1 click without delays
  • Trade using any of 170 financial tools
  • Trade 24/5 without being restricted by your point of geography
  • Follow high accuracy predictions
  • Use in-push notifications
  • Use the Graphical Analysis function on the detail page to see profitable trends
  • Position management
  • Set Stop Loss and Take Profit right on the chart
  • Consult with round-the-clock support for online chat professionals

Advanced Technical Capabilities

The Xcritical Trading Platform boasts of two features that make them standout from most trading platforms. These are the Stop Loss and Quick Withdrawal function.

The Stop Loss Function

One of Xcritical Trading Platform’s stand out features is an additional Stop Loss function that helps its users close transactions through specific parameters.

Withdraw Funds Quickly

A cut above the other trading platforms, Xcritical recognizes the need for quick access to your hard-earned money and includes an instant withdrawal function.


The popular opinion sets MetaTrader 4 as the benchmark for efficient trading software.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) comes from the numerous trading platforms produced by MetaQuotes Software, one of the most interactive brokers. It is an integrated Technical Analysis platform with a trading interface.

MT4’s Client Terminal is one of the notable improvements of the software from MT3. It allows for the development of trading strategies to perform automated trading.

MT4 can conveniently serve more than 10,000 traders simultaneously. It is also licensed to foreign exchange speculative traders.

MT4 has both a client and a server-aspect. It lives streams prices and charts, allows the placing of orders, and account management.

MT4’s charts can be customized.

If you want to get started with MT4, here are seven areas you need to focus on:

1. ToolBar – where you navigate the main functions of MT4.

2. Market Watch – where you select your trading products

3. Indicators – overlays the technical analysis you need to chart

4. Templates – sets defaults for your indicators

5. Profiles – enables you to arrange charts according to how you want them arranged or what among them you mostly use

6. One-Click Trading – a unique function in MT4 that simplifies the trading process, resulting in significantly reducing the time of trading operations

7. Your Account – shows your closing trade and managing positions

MT4 enables you to arrange the products you trade into profiles and allows you to set them to become specific templates. It saves you time and effort in market analysis.


Essential functionalities present in MT5 that can also be found in MT4 had changed position in the interface, such as:

  • the Indicators List (located at the Insert dropdown)
  • the Terminal for Active Trades
  • Exposure
  • Account History

What sets MT5 from MT4 is the additional options for different time or windows for trading.

Xcritical vs. MT4/MT5

All trading platforms have their advantages and disadvantages. But even the most interactive brokers cannot compare MT4, and Xcritical cannot be compared.

MetaTrader and Xcritical functions are at par with each other in certification, user-friendliness of the interface, speedy function, and mobile accessibility.

When you open an account with Xcritical, you will find out that it guarantees the real-time exchange of legal data and is more reliable.

Why Xcritical?

The platform offers:

  • Timely Risk Management
  • Full Control of Transactions
  • Best Trading Solutions and Strategies
  • Quotation Monitoring
  • One-Click Trading
  • Built-in Chat Support
  • 24/5 Trading without Geographic Restrictions and Delay
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Higher Reliability compared to its more famous counterpart

With these, a user would be able to build himself or herself up as a formidable online trader who has a command of time, tools of expertise, and profit. So if you are faced with the tough decision of choosing amongst numerous trading platforms, remember, Xcritical is simply the best choice. Ask around, even the most interactive brokers trust Xcritical. Open an account now!

Posted: 3.07.2020 | Dawid Siłowacki
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