Shares trading course: how to make money without any losses

To gain access to American trading platforms on the stock market, the help of a “guide” will be required – private individuals cannot gain direct access to trading on the exchange. The services of an intermediary agent can be provided by a broker who has received a state license or a bank (both public and private).

The broker and other essential notions of shares trading course

Most often, the trader chooses the broker as the primary assistant for entering foreign stock markets since the trader requests the lowest level of commission for his work.

How to choose a broker: advice from a shares trading course

It is recommended to enter into business relations only with those brokerage houses that can present a license for the relevant activity – this indicates that the operator is subject to regulation, and it will be possible to turn to the regulator with a complaint if he decides not to return his money.

The broker’s role and functions

Brokers provide customers with access to the sites where the operations take place, and also conduct operating activities on behalf of the trader for a certain fee, using the strategies and information as a result of which both parties benefit.

The ways to enter the market

A novice trader who wants to make a career has several options for learning the process of trade:

  • Buy shares yourself;
  • Trade through a particular broker in the Stock Market;
  • Trade using a regular Forex broker, through CFD-contracts.

All the ways as mentioned above can contribute to successful trading without violating privacy policy.

The benefits of the CFD contract

If you are limited on funds and cannot enter the market directly, we recommend CFD contracts for trading. After opening the deposit, you need to install professional software with technical support and connect it to your account. And now you are ready to trade any time, using your finance. It remains to determine the volume of entry and the trading strategy. It is an excellent chance to train different trading methods.

Key conditions of successful trading

Successful trading of stocks on stock exchanges from scratch based on shares trading course requires not only learning the secrets of the profession in specialized courses and special software that acts as a radar of changes in the stock market and financial planning. A novice trader also needs to know the basic terminology of the market, which is necessary to understand the meaning of economic news, which also has a specialized vocabulary and relevant slang.

Simplicity of the process

To start trading securities, as well as any other assets, a high level of intelligence and knowledge obtained at leading world economic universities is not required. However, the basic skills of technical analysis will be useful. In essence, working in the stock market is not much different from the most straightforward exchanges of values that our distant ancestors resorted to – just understanding the factors that drive quotes and draw logical parallels. Trading courses will help you to learn the most important things.

Opinion of the expert

Joshua Kennon is one of the most critical experts in the field of:

  • share trading;
  • commodities trading;
  • world economics;
  • share market;
  • financial analysis.

According to Joshua Kennon, Managing Director of Kennon-Green and Co. and a specialist in the field of investment, for many people, the concept of “security” is something from the realm of mysticism that defies rational explanation and is inaccessible to mere mortals.

Step-by-step guidance for novice traders

Imagine that a shares trading course inspired you, and you decided to become a trader after contact with the broker. You have an idea to open your own business, for the launch of which a material foundation is required. Suppose that the necessary funds were found – personal savings were put into business or the help of friends came in handy, perhaps you managed to get a bank loan.

Things are going uphill, and significant amounts of money are needed for its development in short terms, which a novice businessperson can provide with a bank loan for stock trading. At this stage, seeing the viability of a businessman, banks are more willing to give out loans, and the market works quite efficiently.


At the last stage, a kind of “fragmentation” of the value of the enterprise into many small “fragments” takes place. By purchasing shares, the investor becomes involved in particular management and receives income in the form of dividends, and the stock market is just the place for distribution between interested parties.

Posted: 2.07.2020 | Ludmiła Gorodnichenko
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