Adobe Systems (ADBE)

The international company Adobe Systems is among the 500 largest and most successful companies in the world. Adobe Systems is developing unique software for people involved in design, photography, and cinema.

Shares of Adobe Systems, a software development company, are a part of the S&P100. Forex analysts predict significant and stable growth in company profits and an increase in the growth of its shares.

It is not a secret for every merchant that success in business depends on the choice of the object of commercial activity. Acquiring shares in Adobe Systems, a successful US software company, can be a great choice to increase the investor’s capital.

Interesting Facts About Adobe Systems

For many people associated with the world of design, photography, cinema, Adobe Systems products are a reliable assistant in creativity. Adobe Systems software is not only a well-known brand.

Adobe System’s softwares allow you to use a large number of applications for editing photos, mixing sounds, creating video effects, animated Flash files.

The American developer Adobe Systems is one of the largest software companies. Besides, Adobe Systems is among the 500 largest and most successful companies in the world.

The developer Adobe Systems is the copyright owner of the PDF file format, which allows the use of a combination of text files with raster, vector graphics, JavaScript scripts, and 3D graphics. The TIFT image storage format is another brainchild of Adobe Systems.

Adobe Systems started as a developer and manufacturer of printers back in 1982. The founders of the company are John Warnock and Charles Geschke, professional programmers who worked for the benefit of Xerox.

After curtailing projects at Xerox, Geschke and Warnock decided to set up their own company, Adobe Systems. Initially, it was a family business, which attracted the attention of Steve Jobs. Apple made a large order to create software from Geschke and Warnock and acquired a 19% stake in Adobe Systems for $ 2.5 million.

The annual income of the American company Adobe Systems exceeds 4 billion US dollars. The value of Adobe Systems shares is growing steadily. On July 30, 2019, one share of the software developer was 307.22 US dollars.

Adobe Systems Price Dynamics

The world-renowned developer company Adobe Systems reported quarterly revenue growth of 25%. The quarterly reports stated that the company surpassed itself and earned $2.72 billion and $9 billion in the first quarter of 2019 during 2018. However, after the March report, the company’s shares somewhat fell.

Excellent financial indicators state that now it is worth buying shares of this software developer. Financial analysts predict the company’s revenue growth in the next 10 years by 20% annually.

On the other hand, some Forex analysts consider Adobe Systems shares to be one of the most overvalued. It is assumed that, most likely, the securities of the company are somewhat cheaper.

Wall Street experts predict an increase in the value of the shares of the developing company to $1.88 per share. The software developer’s revenue will exceed $2.6 billion over the next quarter.

In March 2019, Adobe Systems securities were listed on the S & P100. This fact can be considered an increase in the value of the shares of the California-based development company.

Leading Wall Street analysts recommend purchasing Adobe Systems brand securities and keeping them in the investment portfolio.

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