Tesla Motors (TSLA)

The company was established in 2003. Tesla, Inc., or Tesla Motors is an American company.

The field of the company's activity is the production of electric cars and equipment for them, the development and production of lithium-ion batteries, the design, and manufacture of equipment powered by solar energy.

The American company Tesla, Inc. was founded in 2003 by talented inventors, engineers and programmers Martin Eberhard, Marс Tarpenning, Jeffrey Brian Straubel, Ian Wright and Elon Musk.

Tesla, Inc., or Tesla Motors is engaged in the production of electric vehicles, the design and manufacture of the latest technological solutions related to the storage and transmission of electricity.

Tesla, Inc. is engaged in the production of solar panels, embedded software for cars and electric vehicles, the creation of lithium-ion batteries.

The company's headquarters are located in California, in the cities of Santa Clara and Palo Alto. Tesla, Inc. employs more than 48 thousand people.

Founders of Tesla Motors

Talented inventors and engineers turned out to be incredibly gifted personalities in the field of marketing. Since a completely unknown IT start-up suddenly became an unusually successful project, the products of which put competitive pressure on traditional giant players in the market.

Previously, Tesla, Inc. was called Tesla Motors (until 2017). Then, when its activities expanded significantly, the name was changed.

Great merit in the development of Tesla Motors business belongs to Elon Musk, who is considered almost the only founder of Tesla. Elon Musk delights.

Elon Musk, a talented inventor and consultant to the 45th president of the United States, has organized a few other amazing enterprises that are focused on the future. SpaceX, a space technology company, and Neuralink, which designs and manufactures implantable neurocomputer interfaces, are among them.

History of Tesla Motors

Tesla, Inc., formerly called Tesla Motors, bears the name of the famous physicist, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer and inventor, Nikola Tesla, whose personality is fanned with mysticism and mysteries.

For example, it is known that the description of Nikola Tesla’s experiments with wireless transmission of electricity mysteriously disappeared. The fall of the famous Tunguska meteorite is considered another scientist experience in the field of wireless transmission of electricity.

Tesla Motors, like the famous Tesla, conducts unique experiments related to electricity and the latest IT technologies, it is engaged in the development and implementation of these engineering solutions in production. The company’s subsidiary, energy company SolarCity, designs, manufactures and installs solar energy systems. The founders of SolarCity are engineers and inventors who are Elon Musk’s brothers.

Production of Tesla, Inc.

The main products of Tesla Inc., known to most, are electric cars.

The electric sports car Tesla Roadster was first introduced to the public in 2006. The electric machine immediately stole the spotlight.

The Tesla Roadster was great, and electric cars were an excellent solution to keep the atmosphere clean.

Tesla Roadster was designed by Franz von Holzhausen, an American of German descent. Franz von Holzhausen is named one of the 25 best car designers in the world.

Tesla Roadster was produced in 2008-2012. A total of 2,600 Tesla Roadster cars were made. The cost of cars was 110,000 dollars.

The next Tesla Roadster generation is scheduled to be produced by the end of 2019.

The prototype of the future five-door Tesla Model S was developed in Detroit; it was introduced in 2009. The Tesla Model S hatchback was launched in 2012. Without charging, an electric car, depending on the configuration, could travel from 442 to 480 kilometers. The initial price of the Tesla Model S started from 75,750 dollars.

Tesla Model X was launched in 2015. The price of the crossover started at 132,000 dollars. This car was presented as the safest car in the history of the automotive industry and was intended for family travel.

Tesla Model 3 was also called “BlueStar.” Production of the “BlueStar” Model 3 began in 2016. The distance Model 3 could travel without charging was 350 km.

The price of an electric car, depending on the configuration, started from 35,000 dollars. It is planned that the cost of the vehicle should be reduced by 10%.

The company plans to release an electric crossover Tesla Model Y in 2020. The release date can be revised.

The electric truck Tesla Semi amazed the audience of the exhibition. Tesla Semi can operate in autopilot mode. An electric truck can travel up to 800 km using one battery; its speed reaches 100 km/h. The cost of Tesla Semi started from 50,000 dollars.

Financial position and Tesla Motors share purchase

In the first quarter of 2019, Tesla produced more than 77,000 vehicles and sold more than 63,000 units. By the end of 2018, the company’s profit exceeded $21 million; the loss amounted to 976 million.

For the first time, Tesla Motors’ shares for public purchase were placed in 2010. Tesla’s initial stock price barely exceeded 19 dollars. As of August 6, 2019, the cost of Tesla Motors is 230, 69 dollars per share.

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