Ferrari N.V. (RACE)

Ferrari Auto Corporation produces sports cars known all over the world. The company was founded in the last century. The date of its creation is 1928. It was then that the Italian engineer Enzo Ferrari registered his company. Initially, the company was engaged in the production of exclusively sports cars that were used in professional races. Ferrari NV shares are a highly liquid stock market asset.

Basic Information

Over time, the company began to produce sports cars that could be used to travel on ordinary roads. The corporate office is located in Italy, in the city of Maranello. The main production facilities are located there. The primary attention of the company’s engineers is given to Formula-1 racing cars.

The IPO Corporation held on the New York Stock Exchange. It took place in 2015. The company’s shares were sold at USD 52 apiece. The total volume of placement was 980 million dollars. Thanks to the initial public offering, analysts were able to evaluate the concern capitalization. It amounted to 9.8 billion dollars.

The company’s management planned to sell shares at a price in the range of 48-52 dollars. The sale of securities at the upper limit was a real success for the concern. After the initial offering, stock market analysts concluded that investors valued the company not as an automaker, but as a luxury goods firm.

The shares of Ferrari were assigned a ticker – RACE. They are also sold on the Milan Stock Exchange. Ferrari securities are used to calculate multiple stock indices. This makes them even more reliable and secure.

About three thousand people work for Ferrari NV. The corporation’s turnover exceeds USD 2 billion a year. Pilots Ferrari repeatedly became world champions. The most famous of them was Michael Schumacher. He brought victories to the company in the period from 2000 to 2005. The company also produces sports cars for driving on standard roads.

The concern includes several subsidiaries. These include Scuderia Ferrari. It is a professional team of racing drivers who have been participating in Formula-1 competitions for 70 years.

The largest shareholder of the company is Exor S.p.A and the son of the founder of the company – Piero Ferrari. The first of the listed shareholders has 24% of the securities and the second – 10%. The remaining 66% is distributed among other stock market participants.

Ferrari has been paying dividends since 2016. Payments were calculated based on profits earned over several years. The yield on shares reached 0.8% of the value of securities. The fact that the company makes payments to shareholders further enhances the attractiveness of its assets to investors.

To trade stocks of Ferrari NV you need to apply standard trading techniques. It is recommended to buy securities during the correction when its price decreases slightly. This approach allows you to purchase shares at the best price.

When trading Ferrari NV shares, use a balanced level of leverage. It is necessary to observe the rules of money management strictly. You should not risk in one transaction the amount that exceeds 5% of your deposit. Pending orders are also recommended. With their help, you can automate trading, making it safer and more convenient. Stop-loss order will protect you from severe losses, and take-profit order will allow you to take profits on time.

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