The Boeing Company (BA)

The international company Boeing was founded in 1916. The global giant has come a long way and is currently one of the industry leaders. The company is engaged in the production, repair, and maintenance of both passenger and military aircraft. It also produces satellites and missile defense elements. The company's product range also includes funds used for flights in space. The Boeing Company shares are in the blue chips category. They are in demand among a vast number of traders.

Main characteristics

The Boeing Company holds a 45% share of the total civil and military aviation market. Key areas of concern include commercial flights, security, defense, and global services. There is also a subsidiary BoeingCapital, which operates in the financial sector. It specializes in providing financing for various projects and solving related tasks.

Space and military segment includes the development of spacecraft and defense devices. The corporation is a developer of control systems and installs protection systems in areas of military conflict.

The service sectors in the global market include repair work, the supply of spare components, training for pilots, improvement of airliners, etc. A subsidiary of BoeingCapital is involved in risk management of loan portfolios and makes investments. The corporation’s capitalization level has already exceeded USD 217 billion.

Initially, Boeing was a small company founded by aircraft mechanic William Boeing. The creator of the future global giant was an aircraft mechanic and dreamed of creating his aircraft. The first flying machines of the company were quite simple. They were made from fabric and plywood. However, for their time, they were considered reliable and easy to use. Therefore, Boeing products quickly gained popularity.

The first passenger aircraft was designed in the 1930s. It was called a Boeing247. It was a reliable and safe car. After its release, the company significantly strengthened its position in the market. In 1938, the corporation built the first seaplane. During World War II, she affixed military aircraft for the US Army. It is she who is the creator of the legendary B-52 bomber. After the war ended, the demand for military aircraft fell, but the company did not leave this market.

Now the corporation operates in the market of commercial and civil transportation. The corporation was actively involved in projects such as SpaceShuttle and Apollo. The moon landing is a merit of Boeing engineers.

Shares of the Corporation appeared after the appearance of the first Board for passenger transportation in 1934. When the IPO was held, the company was already well known in the market. Therefore, Boeing securities quickly rose in value.

The company’s shares throughout its history have shown rapid growth. There have been periods when Boeing securities have become cheaper. However, after that, they quickly recovered their value and beat the next record. From 2016 to 2019, Boeing stock quotes rose from USD 120 to USD 370.

To successfully trade equity securities of this company, you need to use both technical and fundamental analysis. Also, do not forget about the rules of money management. You should not risk in one transaction the amount that exceeds 10% of your deposit. Correct analysis and effective money management will allow you to minimize losses and increase profits.

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