General Electric (GE)

The American transnational corporation General Electric, with the head office in Boston, specializes in technical development and production of various equipment, such as power plants, locomotives, aircraft engines, turbines, photo, and video equipment.

General Electric is one of the largest monopolistic concerns in the United States. General Electric Company is considered one of the most profitable in the world in terms of market capitalization level.

The history of the General Electric foundation resembles the history of the rise of modern IT-startups. General Electric is a pioneer of many modern markets and industries. To be more precise, sound recording, electricity, lighting technology design, lighting design.

The founder of General Electric Corporation was the American inventor Thomas Edison in 1878. Initially, the legendary Edison’s company was named “Edison Electric Light”. The legendary Thomas Edison was not only a brilliant inventor but also a talented businessman.

The main Edison’s merit is the work on the construction of research centers, including laboratory research and industrial production. Now such centers are called R&D centers (derived from the words “research and development”).

General Electric products will always be in demand.

From the perspective of the American engineer’s circle, Edison had the natural gift to anticipate future events. He looked forward to keeping up with all of the technological innovations of that time and, if possible, put them into practice.

Thomas Edison was the first to express the idea that soon electricity would be available to all the inhabitants of the Earth, and the use of candles would be the privilege of the rich.

Since 1910, the electric company, having bought a patent for the invention of a tungsten filament bulb from the Russian inventor A. Lodygin, starts mass production of such bulbs. In 1925, Edison’s company creates the first refrigerator for the mass consumer. In 1928, the company launched the first television broadcast.

Even though the first washing machines appeared in the Renaissance, 1947 was the starting point for the mass production of General Electric brand washing machines.

The subject of Thomas Edison’s interest was not only inventions for a peaceful life. General Electric is one of the three largest companies involved in the development and production of weapons for the US military-industrial complex.

Edison’s brainchildren are jet engines, weapons for the mass destruction of people, such as the “Minigun”, multi-barrel machine gun, nuclear warheads, thermonuclear weapons, the “Volcano” air defense system, rotary-barrel guns designed to conduct air combat from aircrafts and helicopters, installations for mounting machine guns and automatic guns and much more.

General Electric is one of the most powerful media companies.

General Electric economic performance

According to Fortune Global 500, General Electric ranks sixteenth in the ranking of the most profitable companies. The total number of employees exceeds 315 thousand people.

The company’s revenue in 2008 amounted to more than 182 billion dollars. Net income exceeded $17.4 billion.

According to Forbes Global 2000, General Electric is in ninth place on the list of the most significant public companies.

General Electric has warned its investors of impending losses in 2019. In the first months of 2019, the value of General Electric shares fell by 3%, and then quickly increased by 4%. Further stock growth is expected by the end of 2019.

According to Forex analysts, there will be an increase in the value of General Electric shares by 0.5% per share. On July 31, 2019, a General Electric stock was trading at $10.71. It is predicted that by the end of 2019, the value of General Electric shares should rise to $13.

Forex analysts recommend selling General Electric stocks at times of rising prices and buying when prices fall. It is also recommended that you purchase General Electric shares as one of the assets for your investment portfolio. This is a great long term investment.

How to become a shareholder of the General Electric American company

According to sociological studies, more than 80% of Westerners are both active and passive investors of various companies. Only half a percent of the inhabitants of the countries of the former Soviet Union dare to invest actively. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for the economic well-being of Westerners.

To purchase shares of the General Electric American company, it is enough to register on the brokerage platform, choose trading on and first-class General Electric tools.

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