Nvidia (NVDA)

Nvidia, an American development company, is one of the largest companies in its sector. Nvidia's software development has been widely recognized and distributed in the video game industry and professional visualization. Nvidia designs and manufactures onboard computers for self-driving cars. Nvidia is a US-based developer of GPUs and system-on-a-chip units. Nvidia was founded in 1993 by a programmer of Taiwanese descent and like-minded people. Nvidia's head office is located in Santa Clara, California. The famous Silicon Valley of America finds there. Nvidia's activities focus on four areas: video game development, professional visualization, solutions for data centers, computers for the automotive market. Nvidia is a unique artificial intelligence research company. In 2018, Nvidia was the No. 1 manufacturer of PC-compatible discrete graphics. Nvidia owns over 81% of the global production market. The number of Nvidia employees exceeds eleven thousand people.

Nvidia: how it all began

Jensen Huang, the ideological mastermind and CEO of Nvidia, was educated as a programmer at the University of Oregon and joined Sun Microsystems.

However, research and development work at Sun Microsystems soon came to an end. Technological ideas of talented young engineers were not implemented.

Together with his friends and associates Chris Malachowsky and Curtis Priem, engineers at Sun Microsystems, Jensen Huang decided to create his own company.

The company was called Nvidia, which means “envy.” The ambitious young scientists knew that their activity would cause just such a feeling.

The start-up budget of Nvidia was 40 thousand US dollars. It was a typical IT start-up.

Jensen Huang took on the role of the manager and CEO of the company. The main activity of the company at first was the development and production of graphics processors.

Many were interested in the development of talented engineers and programmers. Sequoia Capital Investment Fund invested in project development. Huang and his associates introduced a new product. It was an NV1 multimedia PCI card that wasn’t in demand.

Two years later, in 1997, Nvidia engineers introduced the new RIVA 128 multimedia platform. This time, Nvidia’s multimedia products were a great success.

Since 2000, Nvidia has become a leading company in the multimedia market. In 2018, Nvidia received the title of the “Most Respected Public Fabless Company.”

Products of Nvidia

Nvidia’s share in the global production of multimedia technology is more than 73%. In 2006, Nvidia introduced CUDA GPUs for parallel computing. These engineering innovations were designed to speed up Tesla computing.

In 2018, Tesla introduced Nvidia Compute Accelerators into 127 computers of its self-driving cars.

In 2007, Nvidia’s engineering graphics for CUDA processors became the new dawn for the world of multimedia and graphics. It is the development of the PhysX physics engine and the OptiX ray tracing visual engine.

Products manufactured by Nvidia can be called future technology, which is already working.

The virtual reality created thanks to Nvidia products catches the imagination. There is a possibility that a person immersed in virtual reality created by Nvidia will not want to leave it. It is attractive.

Currently, the company is diversifying its business; most of the funds are invested in high-speed computing and computers for the automotive industry.

GeForce products for Nvidia concerning the world of video are in particular demand.

Nvidia’s brands include GeForce GPUs for the creation of stunning graphics, advanced GeForce Experience GPUs, Quadro graphics cards, chipsets for nForce motherboards, GRID remote data processing programs, the GeForce NOW cloud gaming service, DGX SuperPOD, Tegra chip-based systems, etc.

Nvidia Financials & Shares

According to Nvidia’s financial statements at the end of 2018, Nvidia’s revenue was 9.714 billion dollars, profits from financial operations – 3.21 billion dollars. Net income exceeded three billion US dollars.

Nvidia’s primary source of revenue, the production of GPUs, generated revenue of over eight billion US dollars. Nvidia earned 558 million dollars through the installation of single computers for cars and drones.

On August 5, 2019, Nvidia shares were traded at $161.19. You can purchase Nvidia shares after registering on the Dowmarkets platform. Choose to trade with dowmarkets.com, select Nvidia instruments.

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