The Goldman Sachs Group (GS)

The largest investment bank in the world is The Goldman Sachs Group. Securities of the company are classified as blue chips. They are used to calculate many stock indices. Trading this asset can bring tangible benefits. They are very popular both among traders and among investors from around the world.

Main characteristic

The Goldman Sachs Group has a high level of capitalization. This figure of the company exceeds USD 70 billion. A characteristic feature of the corporation is that its securities are divided between a large number of investors. The principal shareholders of the company are two firms: The Vanguard Group and BlackRock Capital Management. Each of them owns approximately 6% of the assets. Other investors share even less.

A low level of volatility characterizes these securities. Stock quotes, on average, vary by 2-3% per day. In some cases, volatility can reach 8%. The daily trading volume for this financial instrument usually does not exceed USD 3 million.

Shares of The Goldman Sachs Group have been listed on many exchange platforms. You can trade them almost round the clock. The corporation pays holders of its securities twice a year. Their size is continually growing. All this positively affects the liquidity level of these shares.

The amount of dividends is approximately 1% of the value of securities. This indicator is standard for most stocks of US blue chips companies. Goldman Sachs is one of the largest investment banks in the world. It has a long history. The bank was founded in the late nineteenth century. At the same time, the name of this company did not change. Most well-known companies went through the rebranding phase.

The company participated in the IPO of many legendary corporations. Among them are Ford, Yahoo, and Microsoft. This bank also owns shares of other world giants. These include Tesla, Burger King, and a host of other well-known brands.

The bank consists of three structural divisions. Each of them carries out a particular type of activity. It relates to:


  • Management of investment portfolios.
  • Exchange speculation.
  • Investments.


In each of these activities, the company has achieved impressive success. The investment division of the corporation is engaged in financial advice and underwriting. The company has proven itself in resolving issues related to mergers and acquisitions. The bank has helped many companies avoid being acquired by competitors.

The main branch of the holding is located in New York. The company has created many subsidiaries situated in many countries of the world. Offices of the corporation are present in Japan, Latin America, the European Union, etc.

Many different factors influence the Goldman Sachs Group. A corporation’s paper is linked to many other financial instruments that it owns. The main impact on the value of the shares has the financial results of The Goldman Sachs Group. It is necessary to monitor the time of publication of reports carefully. At such moments, the company’s stock volatility reaches record levels.

To successfully trade The Goldman Sachs Group securities, you must apply technical analysis rules. They will help determine the optimal entry point into the market. Be sure to use a take-profit order and stop-loss order. With their help, you will be able to automate trading, fix profits on time, and prevent the occurrence of a critical level of losses.

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