Intel (INTC)

Intel Corp., headquartered in Santa Clara, California, designs and manufactures electronic devices for computers, computer components, microprocessors, chipsets, and microchips.

The company’s name is made up of two abbreviated words and means “integrated electronics.”

Its production is located in several countries: Israel, USA, Ireland, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Africa, Canada, Latin America.

Silicon Valley and successful marketing

Robert Noyce is the founder of Intel; he is also a co-founder of the famous silicon company Fairchild Semiconductor. Noyce and the remaining seven members of the Fairchild Semiconductor team have been developing integrated circuits since 1957. Their developments made a scientific and technological revolution in semiconductor manufacturing.

Noyce and his like-minded people later decided to establish their own company, independent of Fairchild Semiconductor and the US Navy.

Since that time, Intel has had a distinctive, aggressive approach to the distribution of its products. Intel tried to push its competitors as soon as possible from the market. Intel’s marketing insights have been included in modern marketing textbooks and are still used today.

Intel’s first technical developments concerned semiconductor memory. The Noyce’s group has developed high-speed memory chips.

Intel Corp. commits a scientific and technological revolution

In 1971, the Japanese company Busicom ordered Intel to produce specialized chips for calculators in the amount of 12 pieces. Intel engineers suggested putting these circuits together, which was done.

As a result, Intel began the serial launch of Intel 4004 microprocessors. Soon, California engineers developed a more powerful 8008 microprocessor for the first PC.

The cost of such a computer was $680. The purchase of Intel personal computers was significantly more attractive than the acquisition of bulky and expensive machines of the ENIAC company.

In 1987, Intel partnered with Microsoft. This collaboration was mutually beneficial and brought billions of dollars to Intel.

In the mid-1980s, Intel started producing 32-bit processors, in the early 1990s – specialized telecommunications equipment and motherboards. The net profit of the corporation reached more than one billion US dollars.

In 1993, Intel Corp. released the fifth generation Pentium, which was in crazy demand. The company gained phenomenal profits of over twenty billion dollars and ranked first in its industry.

Intel Corp. and the world economy

Intel’s share in world production in this industry was 40%. In 1999, Intel’s performance became part of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. With the beginning of the new millennium, all companies involved in the production of computers began to use microprocessors produced by Intel Corp.

Ten years ago, in 2008, a computer company from California became a global giant. Now, it occupies 75% of its market. In addition to microprocessors, Intel Corp. is engaged in the manufacture of semiconductor components for industry and network equipment which are intended for the wholesale.

Dell, Lenovo, HP are the largest wholesale buyers of the corporation. Intel IT products are ordered in the USA, China, Taiwan, Singapore.

Intel Corp. is continually expanding its activities. Intel is currently focusing on equipment manufacturing for BigData. The company also collects data, stores, and processes information for various governmental and non-governmental organizations. This type of activity brings Intel over a 5 percent profit.

Intel financials

As a result of declining demand for microchips in China, Intel Corp. shares fell by 8%. It happened for the first time in seven years. Many analysts attribute the decline in the stock price of this and other companies to the trade war between China and the United States. Moreover, Intel Corp. refused to sell its products to a large Chinese company Huawei.

Intel has decided to purchase a new IT-startup Barefoot Networks, which is engaged in the production of antivirus programs, and to improve their well-being with the help of a new acquisition.

As of August 2, 2019, Intel Corp. shares were traded at 51.87 dollars. Forex analysts suggest acquiring Intel Corp. shares. To become a shareholder of Intel Corp., sign up on the platform and start trading with

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