Manchester United PLC (MANU)

Manchester United PLC is one of the oldest football clubs in the world that was founded in 1878. Manchester United PLC is the most significant and global brand in the world.

The legendary football clubs not only glorify the athlete who decided to become a football player but also bring good profit to the shareholders.

Manchester United PLC is known as one of the oldest professional football clubs in the UK. Manchester United PLC is also a profitable business that brings good returns to its shareholders.

The Stretford Football Club was founded in 1878. In 1902, the football team became known as Manchester United. The legendary football club is the champion in the number of titles won in the history of football. This sports club is one of the co-founders of the English Premier League football.

Manchester United Sports Club is considered the most significant and global brand. The name of the football club and the field of activity that is associated with Manchester United, including the intellectual sphere, are valued at more than 330 million pounds.

Why the British love football and Manchester United PLC

Football is considered an invention of the British. The ball game is one of the oldest rituals known back in the era of the Babylonian kingdom. The ball was considered a symbol of heavenly bodies.

In ancient times people believed that those who played the ball were able to rule the world. Perhaps that is why the ball game was a favorite game of the British. King Edward III of England decided to ban ball games. He believed that strong, healthy men had to shoot a bow, and not run with balls perfectly.

In 1313, the ball game in Old England was banned under the pain of death. Only two hundred years later, ball games in England were rehabilitated. However, the ball game was considered fun for commoners.

Perhaps because of the ban, the British are passionate football fans. British intellectuals consider sports, especially ball games, one of the most significant activities.

According to British intellectuals, only young and robust nations can play. And sport is always a symbolic embodiment of hostilities.

The Manchester United PLC brand and unique play style

Players of the Manchester football team are often called the “Red Devils,” according to the color of the team’s t-shirts and the style of the game. This unique style has become the corporate identity of Manchester United. Sir Matt Busby invented and improved the attacking manner of playing; he was not only a great athlete but also a great mathematician.

The Manchester United team has been associated with the liberal philosophy of the Western world. Therefore, the players of Manchester United were called “Beatles” in honor of a popular musical group.

The sports industry, especially football, has formed a large community of people united by the idea of patriotism, devotion to their beloved football team. There is a style of clothing and the social behavior of football fans.

According to case studies, Manchester United is the most popular football club in the world. There are more than two hundred Manchester United fan clubs in 24 states in all corners of the globe.

In 2012, the sports club totaled more than 659 million fans worldwide. On social media platforms, Manchester United takes third place in the number of subscribers. The production of banners, club symbols is an expensive business that brings income to its owners.

Leeds United, Manchester City, and Liverpool are the main competitors of the Manchester football team.

The link between football and the economy

At the end of the 19th century, the construction of sports stadiums specially adapted for playing football began. The football stadiums of the Irish architect Archibald Leitch are architectural monuments and are protected by the state.

Architect Leitch designed the stadium for the Manchester football club. The sports industry can make excellent profits in the field of tourism business.

In 2019, the Stretford Football Club ranked third in revenue among world football teams. According to the Forbes rating, Manchester ranks sixth among the most expensive sports clubs and first among football clubs.

Jose Mourinho has long been the club’s head coach; Antonio Valencia, a footballer from Ecuador, acted as team captain. In 2019, the Norwegian athlete Ole Gunnar Solskjaer became the head coach instead of Mourinho.

How to purchase Manchester United PLC shares

In 2018, the cost of the “Red Devils” team was estimated at 4. 8 billion dollars. In 2018, Manchester shares fell slightly. However, Glazers who are American shareholders do not see anything wrong with the fall in stocks; this is a temporary phenomenon.

On August 1, 2019, the company’s shares were traded at $18.05. Forex analysts suggest acquiring the shares of the legendary football club at the time of the fall in the value of Manchester United PLC securities.

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