Nike (NKE)

Nike is world-famous. It is a leading manufacturer of sportswear, shoes, equipment, and accessories. Nike Corporation is one of the industry leaders. This company makes about 95% of shoes for American basketball players. Nike Corporation employs about 70 thousand employees. Currently, the company's value exceeds USD 11 billion. Nike stocks are traded around the world.

Basic Information

Nike was founded in 1964. She was initially named Blue Ribbon Sports. Seven years later, its founders, Bill Bowerman, and Phil Knight changed it to the usual Nike. The company’s head office is located in Oregon, in the city of Beaverton.

The securities of the corporation began to be traded on the stock exchange in 1990. Previously, they could also be bought on the OTC market. Nike stocks are currently listed on several popular stock indices. This fact further strengthens the position of securities in the market.

The company includes several subsidiaries. Among them are the following structures:


  • Umbro International Limited. It produces casual and sports shoes, equipment, and clothing for professional football.
  • Hurley International LLC. It produces clothes, shoes and various accessories for extreme sports. The corporation also manufactures a more extensive list of products targeted at youth audiences.
  • Converse Inc. makes gym shoes of the same name, as well as sportswear and accessories.
  • Cole Haan. The corporation produces shoes, clothes, and accessories of the premium category.


The company owns brands such as AirJordan, TeamStarter, NikeGolf, Total 90, and Nike. Its market value is one of the highest in its segment. The company’s products are expensive, but the popularity of Nike products is only growing.

Assess the prospects of the corporation by analyzing its financial statements. The company publishes information quarterly. This documentation contains the financial performance of the corporation. If a company shows good results, the value of its shares is growing. With weak financial statements, the price of assets falls.

The overall stock market situation also affects stock prices. In times of crisis, the value of securities is predictably reduced. The company’s shares are characterized by high liquidity and significant growth potential. The corporation is considered the leader in its industry, and very promising.

Trading stocks of this company can bring high profits. The securities of the corporation have low volatility and a reasonably predictable rate. Many traders around the world use them for benefit. To form a trading strategy, you need to use both technical and fundamental analysis.

Be sure to use pending orders. With their help, you can make trading more efficient. They allow you to automate trading. Through take-profit and stop-loss orders, you can prevent excessive losses and take profits on time. It is also recommended that you strictly follow the rules of money management. You should not risk in one transaction the amount that exceeds 5% of your deposit. If you break this rule, one erroneous operation can reset all previous profits. The recommendations listed above will allow you to develop an effective strategy and earn good profits.

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