The Coca-Cola Company (KO)

Coca-Cola shares have been traded on stock exchanges since the 1950s. The corporation is one of the most successful. The securities of the corporation are included in the category of blue chips. They are among the most reliable and protected. The capitalization level of The Coca-Cola Company has long reached USD 180 billion. The company's shares allow you to consistently and safely receive high profits. They are used in trade by thousands of traders around the world.

Basic Information

The Coca-Cola Company is the owner of several hundred brands. The corporation produces energy, carbonated drinks, coffee, water, tea, and juice. The company’s securities are mainly sold on the New York Stock Exchange. They are used to calculate several popular stock indexes. By the way, this significantly increases their attractiveness for both traders and investors.

The Coca-Cola Company sells food concentrates, syrups, drinks too many countries around the world. The corporation has established hundreds of subsidiaries. They allow the company to develop products not only in the USA but also in other countries.

Shareholders of the corporation regularly receive dividends. Their size has been systematically increasing since 1963. Now, shareholders receive 3.3% of their value. This is three times the bank rates for EUR and USD. Payments are made once a quarter. Their volume is divided into four payments per year. The company pays them in April, July, October, and December.

Several factors influence stock quotes. These include:


  • Risks caused by the likelihood of a decrease in consumer demand for the company’s products in developing countries. The depreciation of local currencies and other economic difficulties lead to a decline in beverage sales. This significantly reduces the company’s profits in the markets of developing countries.
  • Increase in interest rates This leads to difficulties in attracting borrowed funds by the corporation, which may be necessary for the development of the business.
  • Deterioration of the financial situation of companies that are involved in the production process or are selling Coca-Cola products.
  • Increased tax burden in countries where the corporation operates. First of all, this applies to the USA, EU, and other large markets.
  • Effects from the fight against sugary drinks. For example, the active dissemination of information that they cause heart disease, obesity, and other problems.


There are risks of introducing protectionist laws from the states in which the company operates. They can have a significant impact on the financial results of the corporation. Shares of The Coca-Cola Company are generally bought for profit in the long run. In times of instability on the stock exchange, these securities are used as a reliable “refuge.” The Coca-Cola Company’s securities are considered a tidbit for many traders and investors. The company regularly pays dividends, so the purchase of its shares is regarded as a desirable investment.

To make money on the shares of the corporation, you need to monitor the release of its financial statements. If it is good, high volatility can be observed in the market, which allows traders to earn high profits. The situation influences securities prices in the raw materials market. In the United States, drinks are based on corn syrup. In other countries, aspartame, saccharin, and other components are used.

For successful trading, combine the results of technical and fundamental analysis. Also, do not forget about the rules of money management.

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