JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM)

The financial corporation JPMorgan Chase & Co was founded in the eighteenth century. Now the assets of this holding are estimated at 2.4 trillion dollars. The main activities of the company are investment, asset management, and corporate client's service around the world. The holding employs about 240 thousand people. The company's shares are the "blue chips" of the American stock market. They are one of the most reliable and protected assets.

Basic Information

JPMorgan Chase & Co controls a significant portion of the world’s derivatives. These include futures and options. The holding has derivative liabilities worth over USD 70 trillion. This figure is the equivalent of the entire global economy. Companies also attribute control over 50-80% of the copper market. The holding is one of the key holders of the giant of the British energy market – British Petroleum.

In 2009, the company bought ½ of all shares of the British stockbroker Cazenove. This enormous structure is a personal royal investor. The purchase was valued at USD 1 billion. Moreover, earlier, the holding already owned half of the brokerage company as part of the joint venture.

JPMorgan Chase & Co is found in business around the world. The holding is the owner of a part of Nokia. The corporation also owns shares in the Russian media company STS Media. The latter immediately owns three television channels. Among them: “Home,” “Pepper,” and “STS.”

The Dutch company OEP East Balt B.V. sent an appeal to the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation to approve the acquisition of East Bolt Rus LLC. This company is a Moscow bakery that supplies McDonald’s chain with sandwich buns. She provides these products to more than three hundred restaurants. JPMorgan Chase & Co. owns OEP East Balt B.V…

The above examples are only part of the holding’s influence on businesses around the world. In every significant project, you can detect the presence of this financial giant. JPMorgan Chase publishes analytical data. The corporation generates reports on 3 thousand companies from around the world. It offers an in-depth analysis of the global stock market. The company’s specialists are engaged in research in various fields.

The holding has repeatedly become defendants in scandals. He has been involved in many legal proceedings. JPMorgan Chase & Co has been charged with a wide variety of offenses. The company has in the past been convicted of the slave trade, links with Nazi Germany, fraud and other crimes.

At the same time, holding remains the largest in the world. Substantial financial conglomerate controls most of the economy. Buying JPMorgan Chase & Co stocks is a good investment. The securities trading of this holding is also capable of generating considerable profits. To do this, you must adhere to the standard trading rules.

Leverage is not recommended. The risk in one transaction should not exceed 5-10% of your deposit. Use pending orders. With their help, you can automate your trading strategy, making it more reliable and secure. Use a stop-loss. It will allow you to leave losses at an acceptable level. A take-profit order will provide an opportunity to fix the optimal amount of profit.

Before buying shares of JPMorgan Chase & Co, conduct a technical analysis of the quotes of this asset. It is most profitable to purchase securities during the corrective movement. Be sure to do fundamental analysis. Stay tuned for news related to the holding’s activities and the publication of the company’s financial statements.

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