Santander Group (SAN)

The Spanish financial group Santander Group is one of the largest in Latin America and Europe. Banco Santander holds about a third of the group's assets. The holding includes about 780 companies. The corporation currently ranks thirty-seventh on the Forbes Global 2000 list. The corporation is one of the most expensive in the world. Santander Group shares can earn high profits.

Main characteristics

Santander Group shares are traded on many exchanges. The capitalization of the holding reaches 65.28 billion dollars. Currently, sixteen billion shares are outstanding. The average daily trading volume on them reaches 40 million of securities.

High volatility indicators characterize the company’s shares. Their cost varies in a wide range: from 3 to 15 dollars. This feature makes these securities very attractive to traders.

The history of the Santander Group includes many mergers and acquisitions. These measures allowed to increase the level of company capitalization continually. The holding’s profit is also systematically growing. The following factors also affect stock prices:

Appointment of the new leadership. Such scenarios can both strengthen securities and reduce their value. To determine precisely how the selection of new people to leadership positions will affect the stock quotes, you need to study a lot of information. We recommend reading analytical articles published by various stock market experts.

Sponsorship. The corporation often sponsors various international events. For example, in 2008, the holding financed a football championship in South America. Previously, the Japanese corporation Toyota sponsored the event.

Statements by company management. The holding regularly holds various briefings and press conferences. They discuss the company’s plans for the near future. The implementation of promising projects has a positive effect on Santander Group stock quotes.

The rate of the company’s assets is also strongly influenced by news related to the economy of Spain and the Eurozone. Minor events do not radically affect stock prices. However, global changes in the European economy can significantly change stock quotes. For example, a decision to change the ECB base interest rate will necessarily affect the value of Santander Group shares.

To successfully trade this financial instrument, you need to use technical analysis correctly. If the long-term trend is upward, then purchases must be made on corrective movements.

The main plus of Santander Group shares is a high level of liquidity and significant volatility. Most traders successfully use this financial instrument to make a profit. Be sure to apply the rules of money management. You should not risk in one transaction the amount that exceeds 10% of your deposit. Otherwise, the slightest error in the forecast can lead to severe losses.

Use pending orders. With their help, you can make trading more efficient. Take-profit order will help to fix profit on time, and stop-loss order will not allow the occurrence of excessive losses. Trading shares of Santander Group is convenient, safe, and profitable. This is a valuable asset used by traders and investors around the world. The correct use of Santander Group shares in trading will allow you to receive high profits consistently.

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