Apple (AAPL)

Apple is a company that develops, manufactures, and markets computer devices. These include laptops, PCs, various multimedia devices, smartphones, etc. The company cooperates with both small and large businesses. Apple also has many active contacts with government agencies in multiple countries. Trading stocks of this company can bring high profits.

Basic Information

Apple is known worldwide for its innovations. The company is a developer of various software used on devices manufactured by it. The corporation offers a vast selection of computer equipment and related accessories. The most popular Apple products are the iPad and the iPhone. The company also manufactures a line of Mac desktop and laptop computers.

On manufactured devices, their iOS and tvOS operating systems are installed. The company offers its suite of office programs and the iCloud cloud service. You can use the ApplePay payment system to purchase Apple products. The company also set up online trading floors for selling digital content. Also, Apple has its own direct sales network and collaborates with the world’s largest retailers.

The initial public offering of the company occurred in 1980. Then Apple went public on the NASDAQ. The IPO conducted by the company was one of the most successful in history. The corporation managed to attract massive funds. The value of the company’s shares is continually growing. Apple securities are popular both among investors and among traders.

Several friends founded the company. The first computers they assembled in the garage, used as an office. After the successful sale of several PCs, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs registered their brand, called Apple Computer, Inc. In 2007, it was reduced. At that time, Apple already had worldwide recognition and fame.

The first computer was assembled back in 1976. The next model is called the Apple II. She became one of the most massive for her time. In the early 80s of the last century, about 5 million cars were produced. This was more than the cumulative sales of all other computer models in the world.

Apple II gained popularity, but it was not a breakthrough. Because of this, the company faced the first crisis. The company was forced to lay off a considerable number of employees, and one of the founders, Steve Wozniak, left the business after an injury as a result of an accident. The next Macintosh model helped fix the situation. It was equipped with a 32-bit processor, which made it a real breakthrough for its time.

In 1985, there was a conflict between Steve Jobs and the board of directors, which ended with the dismissal of the founder of the company. The consequences were extremely harmful to the company. Apple computers sold pretty poorly. IMB entirely seized the initiative on the market. Apple’s total debt by 1997 was USD 2 billion. Many experts were sure that the company was living out its last days.

With the return of Steve Jobs, the situation has changed radically. He carried out a global reorganization of the company and completely changed the concept of brand products. It was based on personal electronics. In 2001, the first iPod was released. After two years, iTunes appeared. The most important event was the release of the world’s first smartphone – the iPhone. These products allowed them to regain lost market positions, and to conquer new ones. Nowadays, Mac and iPhone are the most popular devices of the company.

Apple shares are the blue chips of the US stock market. They are safe and reliable. This asset is used in the trade of thousands of traders around the world.

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