Ford Motor Company (F)

Ford Motor Company is a first-class American company with the largest capital in the world and a long history. Securities of Ford Motor Company are included in stock indices, such as S&P 100, S&P 500, which is an excellent guide for investing in shares of this particular company.

The economic performance of Ford Motor Company affects the value of the US national currency and macroeconomic performance in general.

One of the most significant brands of the last hundred years is called the Ford brand. Ford cars are rightfully considered American four-wheeled icons and the embodiment of the image of the Hollywood macho in the automotive industry.

According to the data of the British analytical company, Ford cars became the most filmed cars in the world cinema. Ford car has appeared more than 9,000 times in the role of the main hero in the history of cinema.

Each cinematic Ford car had its unique temperament and memorable appearance. To be more precise, “Pesomobile” from “Dumb and Dumber”, and Robocop car or “Men in Black” cars.

Fordism and the reasons for the commercial success of Ford Motor Company

There are several reasons for the crazy popularity of the Ford brand. Ford Automobile Company has an age-long history and was founded back in 1903 in Detroit. The founder of the Ford brand was the talented entrepreneur and inventor Henry Ford.

Ford was known as not only a fighter for consumer rights but also a capitalist with a human face. The entrepreneur sought to make his car accessible to every inhabitant of the globe.

For that to happen, according to Ford, it was necessary to constantly introduce new technologies into production, improve working conditions for workers and allow them to manage the company’s profits themselves. Ford factories were considered among the safest in terms of working conditions. They had beautifully lit rooms with excellent ventilation.

The process of creating a car was reduced several times due to the introduction of high technology. Therefore, the cost of Ford cars has decreased significantly. In the 1920s, the shining and pleasantly humming Fords became the property of auto enthusiasts with a democratic wallet.

A daily maximum wage of five dollars was introduced on Ford factories in the 1920s. At that time, a sum of five dollars was considered to be a significant capital. The working hours were reduced to forty hours per week.

Ford workers labored eight hours per day and five days a week, they could participate in the investments of the car company, purchase Ford cars on favorable terms. Ford’s business principles have become the foundation of a trend in economics called “Fordism”.

Henry Ford has patented more than 160 inventions that were brought to life. In addition to automobiles, Ford’s enterprises produced tanks, track machines, gas masks, submarines, aircraft, artillery weapons, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Henry Ford’s practice is considered controversial. During the First World War, he was an ardent supporter of peace, urging the warring parties to stop the bloodshed. For which he was cruelly ridiculed by the European press.

Then his point of view changed dramatically. It is known that during the Second World War, Ford’s factories worked perfectly in fascist Germany, using the labor of prisoners in concentration camps. And in America itself, Ford factories carried out orders for the US Army and Navy and allies.

Modern records of Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company is engaged in the production of Ford and Lincoln cars. Ford Motor Companies are located in 65 countries across the globe.

One of the profitable modern activities of Ford Motor Company is the production of sports cars that participate in the rally and Formula 1. The production of automotive engines for cars of other brands also benefits the company.

How are Ford Motor Company securities traded

Initially, the capital of Ford Motor Company was in private hands. In 1956, 22% of the shares were listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Now Ford Motor Company stocks are a component of many indices: S&P 500, S&P 100, DJ US, DJ Sector Titans Composite, and others. The involvement of Ford Motor Company securities in the stock market makes stocks of the automobile company attractive to investors.

It is possible to purchase Ford Motor Company brand securities on the Forex market by registering on the brokerage platform. Successful investors prefer trading on, choosing first-class stocks of American companies and Ford Motor Company tools.

On July 31, 2019, Ford Motor Company’s brand shares were trading at $9.60 per share. Forex analysts recommend buying the Ford Motor Company shares at the time of reduction in their value. An investor with a democratic wallet can buy securities at relatively low prices on

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