GoPro (GPRO)

The unique GoPro camera is an indispensable companion and assistant for lovers of an active lifestyle: travelers, divers, skydivers, surfers, car racers.

This camera can catch unique moments of dynamic changes in life, withstand any physical stress or severe mechanical damage.

This camera can catch unique moments of dynamic changes in life, withstand any physical stress or severe mechanical damage.

Besides, GoPro's special effects make it possible to use the camera when shooting documentary projects, action-packed feature films.

The affordable price of GoPro makes it attractive for the mass consumer. A retail Forex investor may acquire GoPro shares.

GoPro is one of the youngest and most successful Forex companies in the past 25 years. GoPro specializes in the production of action cameras. The name "action camera" can mean "movement", "life".

The founder of GoPro, Nick Woodman, is often called the crazy billionaire. The handsome American billionaire did not even imagine that his passion for extreme sports would be a clue to a profitable business idea.

Nick Woodman dreamed of becoming a surfer and race driver. However, attempts to conquer the ocean waves could not become a source of revenue growth. Nick Woodman tried to do business.

Nick Woodman's business company was engaged in the promotion of retro games on the Web and the attraction of customers to the company's website. After the collapse of the dotcoms, Woodman's business also went down in flames.

Marriage and a trip to exotic countries acted as the cure for the unfortunate defeat for the future billionaire.

How the GoPro brand appeared, a milestone in the art

During a short-term vacation, Nick Woodman had a brilliant idea to create a special high-quality video camera, easy to use, which could become an indispensable companion of outdoor enthusiasts and sportsmen.

Such a camera should have been cheap, attached to the athlete’s wrist. It should not have been afraid of hits and any mechanical damage. Also, the camera was supposed to record sound and video perfectly.

Armed with a sewing machine and a computer, Nick Woodman was able to create a similar filming machine, having sewed a case with camera straps. The basis for Woodman’s video camera was a cheap Chinese camera worth $3, which Nick modified according to his plan.

Nick Woodman sent the original prototype of the action camera to one of the Chinese companies, which agreed to cooperate with the future billionaire and produce such shooting equipment for mass consumption.

Action cameras were in high demand. By attaching a small, lightweight (72 grams weight) and cheap camcorder to a surfboard, fastening it on a helmet before skiing down the mountain, or fixing it on the windshield of a car, the video shot by an amateur turned into magic. It was dynamic and conveyed the subjective view of man.

Using an action camera has become a milestone in art.

GoPro Enters International Market

In 2012, GoPro Hero3 was released. In 2014, GoPro shares were first publicly traded. Since 2014, the company has become a favorite of Wall Street traders.

In 2014, the company’s profit instantly increased to 75%. According to Bloomberg, Nick Woodman was the highest-paid CEO in the United States of America. GoPro, a media company, created by Woodman, spent millions of dollars on the production of documentary projects and television shows that conveyed all the colors of the GoPro camera video effects.

The last quarter of 2015 caused losses to GoPro. Loss of capital is associated with the emergence of a competitor in the production of portable action cameras – namely, the use of smartphones, iPhones as an action camera.

Why GoPro action cameras are in demand

High-quality built-in equipment for shooting video and photo materials using phones is a competitor to GoPro to some extent. Moreover, as a bonus to iPhones, wide-angle removable lenses and macro lenses are offered.

However, the individual characteristics of the GoPro camera view have not yet been surpassed. First of all, it is the ability to shoot 120 frames per second. Such a video effect makes it possible to slow down the video during editing significantly. GoPro perfectly withstands not only the water test but also the water pressure test at depth, unlike iPhone cameras.

GoPro’s specific wide-angle gaze is called “fisheye” by professional filmmakers, but only such a gaze can add unique magic to video frames.

Panoramic shooting, landscapes of unique beauty, shooting of mountains, waves or clouds is possible only when using a wide-angle GoPro camera lens. Taking pictures of scenes with the built-in iPhone camera does not give such a powerful effect of relief and depth. The witchcraft of the dynamic movements of the gaze of GoPro cannot be transmitted through the cameras of iPhones or smartphones.

With the latest GoPro action cameras, portrait shooting became possible. Just watch the fantastic action movie “Hardcore,” shot in 2015 by Ilya Naishuller. This action-packed film was shot with the GoPro action camera.

How to trade GoPro shares

In 2018, GoPro shares fell 30% from the initial value. Now, the company’s shares are traded at the lowest prices. On July 31, 2019, the price of one share was $5.39.

Forex analysts believe that currently, GoPro securities are not attractive to most active investors. Perhaps if the company’s management changes, the profit of GoPro will increase.

Filmmaking professionals predict that GoPro cameras will not stop being in demand. An individual GoPro cinematic look is indispensable for shooting documentaries, television shows, action films. Besides, GoPro took on the development and production of flying unmanned aerial vehicles.

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