Harley-Davidson (HOG)

Harley-Davidson is one of the most successful US companies with a worldwide reputation. The legendary brand has been producing high-end motorcycles for over a hundred years.

Harley-Davidson shares have maintained good growth momentum and can be a profitable instrument for the trader. Harley-Davidson securities form the performance of many US stock indices. Harley-Davidson production affects the value of the US national currency.

Harley-Davidson is a legendary motorcycle manufacturer, products of which are used by both ordinary consumers and the military-industrial complex of the United States of America. The famous brand designs heavy bikes with powerful engines.

The legendary name of Harley-Davidson is associated with the well-known song "Cucaracha," the song by Mireille Mathieu "Ciao, bambino, sorry" and the famous leather jackets.

For most consumers, the Harley-Davidson motorcycle is not only the epitome of high-quality technology and speed. Instead, the brand symbolizes inner freedom and a unique lifestyle.

The hero, who conquers the roads of America on the legendary motorcycle, resembles the angel of hell, despising the bourgeois life, but having the opportunity to acquire the expensive Harley-Davidson.

Harley-Davidson as a Symbol of Freedom

The famous Harley-Davidson appeared almost simultaneously with such famous American brands as Ford, General Electric. In 1901, twenty-two-year-old William Harley decided to modify his bike by adding a small engine with a volume slightly exceeding 115 cubic centimeters. An old friend Arthur Davidson joined William’s venture.

The place of residence of the two creators of the future brand was the hilly area of ​​Milwaukee. So, self-taught engineers decided to attach pedals to their bike, which helped overcome steep climbs. Thanks to the engine and pedals attached to the bike, climbing the steep hills of Milwaukee was greatly facilitated.

Soon, friends began to build the next model of a self-propelled bicycle with an engine. The new bike had a more impressive engine of 405 cubic centimeters. The advanced Harley-Davidson no longer looked like a bicycle.

The new Harley-Davidson, assembled by talented engineers from Milwaukee, took part in motorcycle racing in 1904, where it took fourth place.

On New Year’s holidays in 1905, an advertisement appeared in the American press, offering the purchase of Harley-Davidson motors to be installed on bicycles.

In April 1905, full-fledged motorcycles began to be sold under the name Harley-Davidson. Over the next 1906, engineers from Milwaukee managed to assemble and sell 50 Harley-Davidson bikes.

Harley and Davidson steadily improved their invention. In 1907, a seven-horsepower Harley-Davidson motorcycle was presented at the famous Chicago exhibition. Seven years later, Harley-Davidson makers gained recognition by becoming the most extensive motorcycle maker in the United States.

How Harley-Davidson Turned into a Terminator

From here out, the history of Harley-Davidson motorcycles begins to unfold according to all the laws of the cinematic genre. In 1916, the first-ever use of bikes for military purposes was recorded.

The Mexican rebels, led by Pancho Villa, raided the hated Yankees in cities bordering Mexico.

Eyewitnesses to the raids reported that Mexican fighters always appeared suddenly, riding the Harley-Davidson motorcycles and screamed the songs of the rebels. The famous song “Cucaracha” appeared at that time.

In the early days of World War I, bike manufacturers received an order to produce motorcycles for the needs of the British Army in the amount of 500 pieces. In such a way, Harley-Davidson became a loyal assistant to the military in almost all campaigns.

Harley-Davidson has a special place among the brightest stars of show business. Brigitte Bardot, Elvis Presley, Mickey Rourke publicized Harley-Davidson bikes.

The legendary American motorcycles appear as the lead characters in such cult films as “The Terminator,” “Ghost Rider,” “Easy Rider,” “Sons of Anarchy.”

Harley-Davidson is improving its brainchild. One of Harley-Davidson’s latest inventions is the electric motorcycle.

Motorcycle enthusiasts were slightly surprised to see the electric marvel of Harley-Davidson. The motorcycle looks great. The maximum speed does not exceed 180 km/h, and it is possible to charge an electric bike right in the apartment. The familiar roar of a powerful engine was replaced by a sound resembling the rotation of electronic disks or the work of a dentist’s drill.

How to acquire Harley-Davidson shares

Harley-Davidson’s marketing policy forms a large community of people living in the Harley style. The company manufactures products ranging from the legendary motorcycles themselves to Harley-style clothing, and even condoms.

Over the past year, Harley-Davidson securities have fallen in price. Forex analysts attribute the fall in stock prices to the decline in purchasing power in America itself and beyond.

Harley-Davidson shares on July 31, 2019, were traded at 35.8 dollars. Harley-Davidson has announced a decline in production.

The company’s net profit in the second quarter of 2019 amounted to $195.6 million. Forex analysts recommend buying Harley-Davidson shares with a long-term view amid falling stock prices.

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