Netflix (NFLX)

Netflix, an American company, is the largest provider of entertainment multimedia products. Its business is a subscription-based streaming service. In 2013, Netflix began producing its content: TV shows, feature films, TV programs. From that moment on, Netflix started to be considered a film studio. As a result, the company significantly increased its revenue. The most significant Netflix video products are “House of Cards,” “13 Reasons Why”, and more.

Netflix, an American entertainment company, is the world’s largest provider of entertainment multimedia products. It provides viewers with the opportunity to watch various movies, television films, series, television shows, concerts.

Netflix was created 22 years ago in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marс Randolph. Netflix is headquartered in California.

Since 2011, Netflix has been engaged in the production of video content. The entertainment content produced by Netflix was so good that the company’s profit and stock price jumped significantly.

Netflix, scientific and technological revolution and streaming

The creators of Netflix hoped that their business would be built on the sales and rental of video cassettes, DVDs, and CDs. It soon became clear that the sale of video materials on various media generated the primary income.

The laws of civilized states are aimed at combating piracy, including video pirates. Netflix provided an opportunity to watch legitimate video content.

The activities of the company were legalized. For a fee, Netflix allowed using the library of films.

The development of the scientific and technical process has led to the possibility of viewing video content using “streaming multimedia,” or “streaming video.”

Streaming video is a video that a user can receive from a streaming provider. “Streaming video” was first used back in the early 1990s. Today it is the best way to transfer video on demand of the viewer.

In 2010, Netflix entered the international market, providing an opportunity for residents of Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, to enjoy high-quality video content.

Netflix: dynamics of development

At CES, International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Netflix executives announced the availability of the company’s video content in 190 countries.

In 2017, Netflix launched a dedicated video distribution program hosted in the Netflix library. For large-scale work, the company invited a massive number of specialists in various fields to cooperate: translators, editors, etc. Netflix video footage was translated into 20 languages.

In 2011, the company began to create its video content. From that moment on, Netflix started to be considered a film studio and increased its revenue. The most significant video products shot by Netflix are “House of Cards,” “13 Reasons Why”, and more.

The company’s video library is compatible with most modern network browsers: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Google Chromecast consoles, and others. The basic Netflix product pricing is €8.

Creation of Netflix film studio

The first television series released independently by Netflix was the famous “House of Cards,” filmed in the political drama genre. David Fincher was the producer of the movie; Kevin Spacey played the leading role.

Due to the general interest, the company’s financial indicators improved many times over, the value of the company’s shares jumped.

Netflix launched a comedy show featuring famous comedians, such as Chelsea Handler, Louis Szekely, Geoff James Nugent, Nick Offerman, Amy Schumer, Chris Rock.

Netflix Financials

Since the first placement of Netflix securities on the New York Stock Exchange in 2002, its shares have jumped 8500%. In the summer of 2019, there was information that many film companies intend to provide access to their films independently. For example, Disney launches its streaming service.

Netflix was called the best streaming player. Many cable companies have lost their customers because video films that can be watched thanks to the Netflix platform are of higher quality.

To date, the market capitalization of Netflix is 165 million dollars. Further success of the company depends on the content that Netflix will produce.

In the spring of 2019, Netflix acquired the right to shoot Marquez’s famous novel, “One Hundred Years of Solitude.”

How to acquire Netflix shares

Buy company’s securities in the long and medium terms. On August 5, 2019, the price of one Netflix share amounted to 306 dollars.

To become a Netflix shareholder, register on the Dowmarkets platform, choose trading with, Netflix instruments.

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