Yandex N.V. (YNDX)

Yandex is a world-famous Russian corporation working in the field of IT. She is the developer of the search engine of the same name. The main office of the company is located and registered in the Netherlands. The company's shares are the blue chips of the Moscow Exchange. They are also included in the calculation of Russian stock indices. Trading these stocks can be very profitable.

Main characteristic

Yandex Corporation operates in many countries in the world. It occupies a significant market share of search services in Russia and many other countries. Yandex was created in 1997. The company was officially registered in 2000. The critical legal entity that heads Yandex N. V. was opened in the Netherlands. Yandex LLC, operating in the Russian market, is a subsidiary.

The IPO was held eight years ago on the NASDAQ stock exchange. After the initial offering was completed, the company’s securities grew by 55%. The corporation managed to attract USD 1.3 billion of investments. On the first day of trading, 16.2% of the total number of issued shares were sold.

As a result of the IPO, the company raised a considerable amount. It was one of the most successful initial public offerings among I.T. companies. Only Google could attract a large sum when it conducted its IPO. Company shares are divided into two classes:


  • A. This class includes most of the securities of the company. One share gives one vote.
  • B. More rare papers. One share gives ten votes at once.


The corporation’s securities are traded on all major stock exchanges in Europe. Most of the shares are purchased abroad, and not in the Russian Federation. The company has created many subsidiaries. Each of them has its specialization. Subsidiaries include the following structures:


  • Yandex. Poster.
  • Yandex. Verticals.
  • Yandex.Taxi.
  • Yandex. Radio.
  • Yandex. Market.
  • Yandex. Music.
  • “Kinopoisk.”
  • GIS Technology.
  • Yandex Data Factory.


The corporation also owns a well-known developer of mobile applications and computer games – SPB Software. The most popular product of this company is SPB Shell. This software is a shell that can combine various programs. It contains several services that are actively used on smartphones and tablets.

Since the initial public offering, the list of crucial shareholders has changed significantly. The leading investors were the following funds: Tiger Global and Baring Vostok. Now the critical shareholder is the founder of the corporation Arkady Volozh. He owns a significant number of Class B papers. They give him 47.21% of the vote.

Vladimir Ivanov owns shares of categories A and B. In total, he has 5.85% of the vote. Another major shareholder is Elena Ivashentseva. She is the owner of the stock, which gives her 1.1% of the vote. The largest investors are also the following funds: Baillie Gifford & Co and Capital Group. As a result, the corporation management owns about 61% of the shares. This allows you to make the majority of planned management decisions without regard to the opinions of other shareholders.

Yandex has never paid dividends to the holders of its securities. Profit with the help of corporation shares is possible only by trading them. Payments to shareholders are not charged, as the company directs all funds to the development of its business.

To make money trading Yandex shares, you need to use both technical and fundamental analysis. Be sure to follow the release of the financial statements of the company. This information will allow you to assess the prospects for Yandex assets shortly.

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