International Business Machines (IBM)

IBM was founded in 1911. It was initially called Computing Tabulating Recording (CTR). Thirteen years later, it was renamed the International Business Machine (IBM). The main activity of the company was the production of electrical equipment. Then the corporation began to produce tabulation machines used to process large amounts of data. Currently, IBM securities are considered one of the most highly liquid. The shares of this company are in high demand among investors and traders around the world.

Basic Information

IBM is one of the world’s giants in the computer technology market. It is involved in software development, manufacturing microprocessors, and other electronics. The company produces servers, workstations, data storage systems, and other computer equipment. IBM also develops operating systems, office software, and database management applications. The company gained immense popularity as a result of the introduction of various innovative technologies.

IBM equity securities have been traded on the NYSE since 1915. It’s been used in the calculation of various stock indices. This further enhances its popularity in the stock market. The corporation includes several subsidiaries to operate in certain countries.

There are IBM divisions that specialize in specialized activities. These include the following services:

  • Tivoli Systems. It is developing software that allows adding new options to the old IT infrastructure.
  • IBM Internet Security Systems. It is engaged in the creation of security systems.
  • Rational Software. Develops systems for testing new software.
  • SoftLayer Creates and maintains cloud services.
  • IBM Research. Engaged in storage and data processing systems.
  • IBM Global Services. The company provides consulting services.

Information about the company’s subsidiaries may be helpful. With its help, it is easier for a trader to find out how much revenue gives a specific direction of the concern. This information will allow a more accurate and reliable analysis of the prospects for the company’s shares.

IBM securities are considered blue chips. The company has a high reputation worldwide. It was her engineers who created the modern computer standard, which was called the IBM PC. The company’s shares are popular among both traders and investors. This is a reliable and well-protected financial instrument, which is characterized by high profitability and reliability.

Using the shares of this company in trading, you can get a good profit. Closely monitor the release of the financial statements of the corporation. After the publication of these data, sharp jumps in the value of shares are possible. Also, an analysis of the data specified in the report will allow us to conclude the prospects of the company.

To successfully trade IBM stocks, you must strictly adhere to the rules of money management. Do not risk an amount that exceeds 10% of your Deposit. Be sure to use pending orders. They make it possible to automate trading as much as possible, making it safer. A take-profit law will allow you to fix profits on time, and a stop-loss order will make it possible to avoid severe losses. Also, do not underestimate the value of technical analysis. Using it, you can determine the optimal points for opening and closing transactions.

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